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ADVANCED CORROSION SCIENCE is an international peer-reviewed journal focused on all research and developmental aspects of corrosion science that includes copper, lead, iron corrosion, water research and related topics. The journal has very broad scope ranging from basic concepts to industrial applications. Factors influencing corrosion such as pH, chlorine, alkalinity, temperature, passivity, anodic oxidation, biochemical corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, pinhole leaking, and failure mechanisms including the methods of corrosion control are covered. The journal publishes original research papers, letters and reviews in the fields of pure and applied corrosion science including water purification technologies, water quality and its management, treatment processes for wastes from municipal, agricultural and industrial water and wastewaters. Water emerging contaminates removal, advanced oxidation and biological treatment, water quality analysis by chemical, physical and biological methods are the major thrusts of the journal. The peer-reviewed proceedings of scientific meetings, symposia and workshops related to corrosion science are also published.

COVER: X. Luan, D. Guan and Y. Wang
               Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 12, 7113–7120 (2012)

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