Performance Evaluation in BREAST CANCER:
Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

Edited by
Eddie Y. K. Ng (Singapore), U. Rajendra Acharya (Singapore) and Jasjit S. Suri (USA)
    June 2010
550 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-156-6

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death nowadays in women throughout the world. In developed countries it is most common type of cancer in women and second or third most common malignancy in developing countries. It is gradually increasing and remains as a significant public health concern. There are various modalities available to detect the presence of breast cancer these days. They are light (optical), sound (ultrasound), heat (thermogram), magnetism, attenuation, microwave, X-rays, nuclear, electrical impedance, computer modeling (inverse simulation), or a fusion of different methods and computer-aided diagnosis. This book covers most of the areas namely breast screening instrumentation, early reliable diagnosis, and therapeutic methods possible. The book has four parts. First part of the book covers different kinds of breast cancers and their pathology and diagnosis of the breast cancer using mammogram, ultrasound images, and electropotentials using advanced image processing techniques. Various methods used for the performance evaluation of the breast cancer diagnosis is discussed in second part of the book. Third part of the book focuses on diagnosis of malignancy in the breast using thermogram (revisit) and discrete temperature data on skin surface. Novel data mining and imaging techniques are used for the early detection of the malignancy. The application of robots for the detection of breast surgery, transmission of mammograms in a noisy channel with error correcting codes, and computational simulation of breast tumor detection are covered in final part four..

PART 1: Breast Cancer Diagnosis
The Human Breast
Supervised Classification of Mammograms Using Association Rules
An Applied Comparative Study on Active Contour Models in Mammographic Image Segmentatio
Classification and Segmentation of Mammogram Images
Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Lesions on Sonograms: Automatic Boundary Delineation and Nearly Setting-Independent Morphological Features
Clinical Assessment of Breast Lesions Using Skin Surface Electropotentials: Preliminary Results of a Prospective Clinical Trial of the Biofield Diagnostic System
PART 2: Performance Evaluation of Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Mammogrphic, Sonography Features on Breast Cancer: Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation of Doppler Sonography in Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Image Quality Assessment and Dose Optimization-Performance Evaluation Strategies for Mammography
Performance Evaluation of Thermal Imager as a Potential Compliment Breast Cancer Detection Tool
Quantitation of Mammographic Density
PART 3: Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Thermal Data
Wavelet-Based Thermal Image Classification for Breast Screening and Other Medical Applications
Thermal Infrared Imaging in the Diagnosis of the Breast Cancer: Facts and Fictions
Study of Boundary Element Methodology With Bioheat Equation for Breast Lump Application
Performance Evaluation of Data Mining Techniques for Breast Cancer Detection With Statistical Features and Actual Temperature Data as Inputs: A Comparative Study
Dicom Standard for Breast Thermal Imaging
Minimally Invasive Thermal Ablation of Breast Cancer, And Imaging Assessment for Tumour Response After Ablation
PART 4: Simulation and Data Handling Applications
Robot Assisted Breast Cancer Surgery
FEM of Bioheat Transfer for Cryosurgery of Tumor
Transmission of Breast Images With Patient Information: A Comparative Study
Computational Simulation of Breast Tumour Detection Using Biopotential Analogy
Techniques and Assessment of Breast Cancer Imaging in Small Animals


This book provides information and methodologies for non-invasive assessment of organ function, for the benefit of researchers, developers, engineering and clinical professionals and teachers.

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