Biochips Nanotechnology


Edited by
Nongyue He, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Hari Singh Nalwa, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, USA

    January 2009
350 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-072-1
Initiated in the 1990’s, biochips have become an extremely important research tool in the field of life sciences and have found many applications in data-mining, highly parallel genome-wide assays, bioinformatics analysis, clinic diagnostics, sample separation and treatment, and monitoring applications. Biochips not only consist of immobilized biomolecules spatially addressed on planar surfaces, but also contain biomolecules fixed in microchannels or microwells, or on an array of beads or sensors. Biochips could fall into different categories as well as different applications or fabricated by different approaches, the role of nanotechnology in preparation and applications of biochips is inevitable. Nanotechnology has made it possible for a single chip to possess more than million features with supra-sensitive detection abilities than that of conventional methods. Nanotechnology has made biochips more applicable for commercialization purpose where biochips could be implanted inside body to dynamically transmit the information and monitor any biological changes in vivo. There has been significant progress on applications of biochips such as DNA chips, protein chips, and carbohydrate chips, and MEMS/NEMS in the field of medical nanotechnology. One could believe that when fused together, biochips and nanotechnology will endlessly bring scientists to newer and promising researching aspects. For this reason, we believe it is of significance to edit and publish a book about the current status of biochips nanotechnology. We also strongly believe that such a comprehensive book associated with various applications of nanotechnology in biochips will be helpful for people to develop new biochips devices, to find new application of nanotechnology and biochips in the coming years, and to bring out more commercialization of biochips and nanotechnology.

This book entitled Biochips Nanotechnology, is aimed to bring together under a single cover all aspects of the biochips nanotechnology including topics on DNA, RNA, genomics, proteomics, bioassays, microfluidic biochips, detection technologies, bioelectronic detection, disease diagnosis, microorganism detection, cancer nanotechnology, gene-expression, gene profiling, microchips for drug delivery systems, biocomputing, protein expression, in situ synthesis of oligonucleotides, microarray, biosensors, microarrays, genechip, microfluid, microfluid chip, microfluid system, single base mismatch, oligonucleotide arrays, cell array, cell microarray, protein array, methylation, oligonucleotide synthesis, PNA, high density DNA array, spotting, solid supports, detection of proteins, bio-bar codes, cDNA array, nanoarrays, microcontact printing, nanopatterns, miniaturization, molecular beacon, beads, BioMEMS, magnetic particles, nanoscale materials for biochips fabrication, nanofabrication and self-assembly for biochips, bioinformatics, applications in pharmacogenomics, drug discovery, and other areas of life sciences. Broadly speaking, this book covers all main aspects of biochip-based science and nanotechnologies.

The book is a valuable reference for scientists, researchers, students, engineers, doctors, manufacturers, clinic technicians and other professionals working in the fields of biochips, BioMEM, /BioNEMS, microfluidics, nanotechnology, medicines, life sciences and other related research fields.

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