Please submit your proposals to the Managing Director at American Scientific Publishers. We are pleased to invite authors from around the world to submit their proposals for new scientific books, journals, book series, reference works, data collection, textbooks and electronic publications.

We will response to your proposal as soon as possible. Please provide the following information

Details of proposed Book/Reference work:

Title of your book:  
Major research area:  
Expected number of chapters:  
Expected number
of manuscript pages:
Expected manuscript submittal date::  


Author/Editor __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  
Position in Organization:  
No of articles published in
scientific journals:


Proposal Details (3-4 pages) ______________________________________________________

Aims and Scope of the Book:  
Detailed Table of Contents:  
Purpose of this book
(Why this book is needed?):
Type of book
(text, monograph, reference work):
Level of readers
(scientists, graduate. upper-level students):


Competing books ______________________________________________________________

Details of Books
(author/editor, title, publisher, year, price):
Distinctive features compare to
published books:


Market Niche for your book/journal/reference work __________________________________

Intended Readers/Audience  
Scientific and Professional Societies  
Organization related to this related book  
Conferences in this field  
Journals in this subject area  
Members list or Newsgroups  
Schedule to deliver the final manuscript
(12-24 months after
singing of a contract)
Special Features
(special advantages,
Foreword to be written
by a Nobel Laureate)


Author/Editor Curriculum Vitae and short biography _________________________________

Books published  
Membership of Scientific
and professional societies
Potential 8-10 reviewers
for your book proposal
(names, addresses, Tel/Fax/Email)
Further information helpful
in assessing the your proposal



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