ISSN: 2168-5150 (Print); EISSN: 2168-5169 (Online)
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CATALYSIS EXPRESS is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed international research journal that report new developments of homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio-catalysis. Catalysis Express covers all experimental and theoretical research aspects of catalysts with an interdisciplinary approach. The research topics include the preparation, spectroscopic characterization and applications of catalysts, photocatalysts, electrocatalysts, thermocatalysts, organocatalysis, enzymatic catalysis, catalytic functions of novel inorganic solids, new catalytic processes, spectroscopic methods for structural analysis of catalysis, chemical, biochemical and surface kinetics, nanoscale catalysts and catalytic phenomena, imaging and in-situ characterization, solid, liquid and gaseous phases, environmental pollution, catalytic processes at surfaces and interfaces of materials, industrial chemistry, pharmaceutical, petroleum and environmental catalysis, novel catalysts for the production of clean energy, fuel cells, surface science of catalytic processes, catalytic and surface chemistry, theoretical modeling and much more.

Editors-in-Chief: Professor Guozhen Shen and Professor Di Chen

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