Visions of the Cell Nucleus

Edited by
Peter Hemmerich and Stephan Diekmann
Institute for Molecular Biotechnology, Jena, GERMANY
    January 2005
ca. 350 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883 - 027- 6

Visions of the Cell Nucleus brings together scientists working on different aspects of structure and function of the mammalian cell nucleus. The goal of this book is to give a state-of-the-art overview on chromatin organization, function and dynamics of subnuclear structures, gene expression, DNA distribution, and disease. Emhpasis is put on new ideas of dynamic structure/function relationships revealed by the recent advent of new microscopy techniques as well as on subnuclear pathology and disease associations. The book provides all the information researchers, scientists and professionals need for this rapidly growing field.

  • Architecture and Dynamics of Mammalian Genomes, D. Zink, Germany
  • Functional Organization of Chromosomes in the Interphase Cell Nucleus, A. Visser, R. van Driel,
    and P. Verschure, USA/Netherlands
  • Organisation And Dynamics Of The Cell Nucleus For DNA replication, J. M. Lemaître
    and M. Méchali, France
  • How One Nucleus Makes Two Nuclei - the Nucleus in Mitosis, M. Brandeis, Israel
  • Epigenetic Features that Influence Nuclear Function in Higher Eukaryotes, D. Jackson, UK
  • The Organisation of Transcription in the Nucleus of Eukaryotic Cells, P.V. Guillot, S. Martin
    and A. Pombo, UK
  • Pre-mRNA Processing in the Nuclear Landscape, K. M. Neugebauer, J. A. Geiger, K.M. Kotovic,
    and D. Stanek, Germany
  • The Nucleolus: An Essential Nuclear Domain, J. Gebrane-Younes, V. Sirri, H.R. Junera,
    P. Roussel and D. Hernandez-Verdun, France
  • PML Nuclear Bodies: Cellular Function and Disease Association, T. Sternsdorf, M. Gostissa,
    H. Sirma, G. Del Sal M. Ruthart, M. Lienhard Schmitz, H. Will and T.G. Hofmann, Germany
  • The Cajal Body: A Nuclear Gathering Place, K. Tucker & G. Matera, USA
  • The Interchromosomal Domain Compartment: An Active Space Within the Nucleus,
    J. M. Bridger, M. Reichenzeller, P. Lichter, and H. Herrmann, Germany/UK
  • Structure and Function of the Nucleus: Subnuclear Pathology of Disease, A. von Mikecz
    and P. Hemmerich, Germany
  • Nuclear Components and Tumor Markers, R. Kamath, D.J. Leary, and S. Huang, USA
  • Visualization and Quantification of Dynamic Processes in Live Cell Nuclei.
    D. Gerlich and R. Eils, Germany
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer: Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in and Around the Nucleus, I. Majoul, A. Goroshkov, and R. Duden. Germany/UK
  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Perspectives for in Vivo Characterization of Single Molecule Dynamics, P. Schwille, Germany
  • Multiphoton Multicolor FISH (MM-FISH) and Nanoprocessing of Chromosomes with Near Infrared Femtosesond Laser Pulses, K. König, Germany
  • Damage in Human Cell Nuclei in Toxicology, Nutrition and Cancer: Visualization by COMET Assay and COMET-FISH, A. Rapp, A. Schaeferhenrich, K.O. Greulich and B. Pool-Zobel, Germany
  • Most up-to-date reference on latest and emerging new research aspects of mammalian cell nucleus.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage on nuclear architecture, chromatin organization, gene expression, disease associations and new microscopy methods.
  • The first single book to include new cutting-edge live cell fluorescence microscope technology.
  • 18 state-of-the-art review chapters written by world-renowned experts from universities and research institutes.
  • About 2000 bibliographical citations and hundreds of figures, illustrations, tables and equations.
  • High-level quality color figures/illustrations to effectively show complex photographs.
  • A perfect reference source for students, researchers, and specialists working in the fields of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, genome science, pathology, toxicology, nucleic acids, spectroscopy, proteomics, biochemistry, biophysics, biomedicine, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology.

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