Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare (D2H2)

Edited by
U. Rajendra Acharya (Singapore), Toshiyo Tamura (Japan),
Eddie Y. K. Ng (Singapore), Lim Choo Min (Singapore) and Jasjit S. Suri (USA)
    January 2010
500 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-158-2

Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare (D2H2) is an outgrowth of the miniaturization and integration of instrumentation (wearable and implanted) for measurement, computing, signal processing, communication, and healthcare informatics. This integrative systems approach will revolutionize the practice of medicine in the new century, enabling the delivery of healthcare to patients anywhere in the world by combining bio-sensing and information technologies with medical expertise. It will facilitate the transition from "central" and "hospital-based" medical diagnosis and healthcare delivery to "distributed" diagnosis and "home" healthcare (D2H2). This book is divided into two parts: Part 1 is devoted to distributed diagnosis and part 2 is devoted to home healthcare. Part 1 of this book deals with distributed diagnosis. The chapters throughout part 1 cover a wide range of areas, including a comprehensive study of the diabetic foot, an analysis and detailed classification of plantar pressures with and without diabetes type 2, and a study of the features extracted from the various kinds of fundus eye images-namely, normal, mild, moderate, severe, and prolific diabetes retinopathy-which are fed to the feed-forward classifier for classification into normal, non-proliferative, and proliferative diabetes retinopathy classes. Part 2 of this book deals with the home healthcare system. Home healthcare appliances, solutions, and motion analysis for the clinical rehabilitation are discussed. One study deals with the personalized cardiac monitoring for monitoring cardiac state and vital signs by non-intrusive monitoring. Finally, the book concludes with the ethics in (D2H2) and the future of the healthcare system leading to the next generation of research topics that will directly impact distributed diagnostics and home healthcare. This book takes a comprehensive look at biomedical instrumentation, bio-signal processing, data mining applications, medical imaging, bioinformatics, modeling, and medical networking tools that support telemedicine, and, more broadly, distributed diagnosis and home healthcare.

Part I: Diagnostics - Physiological Signal Analysis
ECG Recording and Rhythm Analysis for Distributed Healthcare Environments
Personalized Cardiac Telemonitoring
Effect of Alcohol on EEG-A Non Linear Analysis
Functional Electrical Stimulation for Daily Walking Assist
Computer-Based Identification of Diabetic Type 2 Subjects With and Without Neuropathy Using Plantar Pressure: A Comparative Study
Diabetic Foot
Large Scale Distributed Framework for Remote Clinical Diagnosis with Visual Query Support
Perspective Review of the Use of Electrical Impedance and Biopotential Based Devices as Possible Adjunt Breast Cancer Diagnostic Tools
Study of Normal Human Eye with Different Age Groups Using Infrared Images: A Semi-Automated Approach
Study of Infrared Thermal and Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging for Vasculogenic Impotence
Engineering Analysis of Penile Thermal and Blood Perfusion
Optimization of the Pharmacokinetic Simulation Models for the Nanoparticles-in-Nanoshapes Hybrid Drug Delivery System Using Heat Diffusion Analogy
Thermoregulatory Models: Neuronal Basis, Control Theory Analysis of the Controllers and Validation
Part II: Home Healthcare - Healthcare Design and Decision Support
A Uniform Design Strategy for Distributed Healthcare Systems
The Application of Decision Support Systems in Home Telecare
Development of Medical Networking Technology
Home Healthcare Biomedical-Engineering and Yoga-Science Solutions: For Preventive and Managed, Fitness and Rehabilitation Care
Home Healthcare Policies, Projects and Value Chain
Health Equity and Healthcare Equity-Eight Themes from an Island State
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Home Healthcare Equipment
Cost-Effectiveness Index Modeling of Healthcare Delivery Systems
  And much more ……………..


This book includes medical and scientific information for medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals working in the field of biomedical instrumentation, bio-signal processing, data mining, medical imaging, bioinformatics, modeling, and medical networking tools that support telemedicine, distributed diagnosis and home healthcare.

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