New Directions in Holography and Speckle

Edited by
H. John Caulfield and Chandra S. Vikram
Fisk University, Nashville, USA

2008, 584 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-101-9

Holography and Speckle is intended to mark a new era in holography and speckle. A new generation of holographers and speckle users now appears ready to take these fields in new directions unanticipated even 5 years ago. The old familiar applications have now reached a level of maturity that makes them better suited for advanced development than for basic research. So what comes next? We have offered here a sampling of new directions with just enough tie-in to our past to put the new in perspective. This is not a book in which you will find reviews of past work by "the usual suspects", whose contributions, however important, those in the field already know well. Here you will find chapters from many whose work has never appeared in such a book and who are looking at these fields with new perspectives. Holography and speckle are being reborn or at least rethought, and you are invited to join us in seeing some of those new directions for the first time. This book contains 26 state-of-the-art review chapters written by leading experts from around the world.


Section 1: Historical Perspective

  • A Historian's View of Holography, Sean F. Johnston

Section 2: Singular Optics

  • Optical Singularities in Holography and Speckle Fields, Marat Soskin, Mikhail Vasnetsov, Vladimir Denisenko, and Vladimir Slyusar
  • Speckles and Phase Singularities in Polychromatic Fields, Oleg V. Angelsky, Peter V. Polyanskii, and Peter P. Maksimyak

Section 3: Digital Holograms

  • Fast Transforms for Digital Holography, Leonid P. Yaroslavsky
  • A Fresnelet Approach to Digital Holography, Michael Liebling
Section 4: Art Holography
  • Where Are We Going in Art Holography? Setsuko Ishii and Jumpei Tsujiuchi
  • Holographics-Combining Holograms with Interactive Computer Graphics, Oliver Bimber
Section 5: Holographic Optical Elements
  • Holographic Spectral Filters, Wenhai Liu, Christophe Moser, Greg Steckman, and Demetri Psaltis
  • Holographic Optical Elements for Infrared Wireless Communication, Yisi Liu, Nandigana Krishna Mohan, and Quazi T. Islam
Section 6: Imaging
  • Volumetric Holographic Imaging of Living Tissue, David D. Nolte, Kwan Jeong, Michael Melloch, and John Turek
  • Holography and Structured Illumination for Super Resolved Imaging, Zeev Zalevsky, Dror Fixler, Javier García, and Vicente Mico
Section 7: Nonlinear Optics and Photorefractives
  • Dynamic Holography in Material Science and Microbiology, N. Kukhtarev and T. Kukhtareva
  • Photorefractive Polymers for Dynamic Holography, Jayan Thomas, Robert A. Norwood, and Nasser Peyghambarian
  • Holography in Bacteriorhodopsin for Medical Image Processing, Chandra S. Yelleswarapu, Francisco J. Aranda, and D. V. G. L. N. Rao
  • Resonant Holographic Interferometry, Neal J. Brock and Michael S. Brown
Section 8: Speckle Properties
  • Polarization and Stokes Parameters in Techniques for Digital Speckle Pattern Correlation, Roberto Torroba
  • Intrinsic Noise in Whole-Field Three-Dimensional Imaging of Small Particles and Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry, Ye Pu and Hui Meng
  • Speckles for Photo-stitching of Interferograms at Digital Camera Detection, Ferenc Gyímesi, Venczel Borbély, Béla Ráczkevi, and Zoltán Füzessy
Section 9: Speckle Metrology and Testing
  • Speckle Interferometry for the Measurement of Residual Stresses, Guillermo H. Kaufmann and Armando Albertazzi Jr.
  • Flame Temperature Measurement Using Speckle Techniques, Chandra Shakher and R. S. Sirohi
  • Beam Divergence and Surface Curvature Effects in Speckle Metrology: Recent Developments, V. M. Murukeshan and N. Sujatha
  • Digital Speckle Interferometry in Engineering, Lianxiang Yang and Thorsten Siebert
  • Dynamic Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry: A Comparision of Spatial Phase-Shifting Methods, Michael B. North Morris
  • Recent Applications with Digital Speckle Correlation Decorrelation, T. W. Ng
Section 10: Quantum Aspects
  • The Holographic Principle in Optical Holography, Thomas Orr Anderson and H. John Caulfield
  • The Fourier Holographic Encoding Strategy of Sympletic Spinor Visualization, Walter Schempp
From technologically aware fans of holography to current and potential users in industry and government to researchers in holography and speckle, readers will find something of interest in this book. It ranges in applications from art to metrology to quantum mechanics and cosmology. Holography and speckle have at last moved beyond their customary bounds and are finding startlingly new applications and leading to amazing new concepts. Using it or simply enjoying it, readers with many different interests and backgrounds will find parts of this book that they will want to dig deeply into.

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