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JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURE AND ANIMAL SCIENCE is an international peer-reviewed journal focused on publishing  original contributions and review articles from all research fields of agriculture, animal science,  biological sciences, biotechnology, environment and ecology under the headings of animal husbandry, all types of farm animals such as cows, buffaloes, oxen, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, turkeys, llamas, camels, donkeys, mules, bison and yak, their based products, marine biology and fisheries, other wildlife species, food supply, animal physiology and biochemistry, animal breeding, animal genetic engineering, transgenic animal production, animal parasitology, veterinary science, dogs, cats and other domestic animals, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, therapeutics, animal care and surgery, embryo manipulation, anatomy, physiology, animal feed and nutrition, animal environment and behavior, livestock, animal and plant based food products and their processing, dairy science, poultry science, meat science, food microbiology, food science and technology, supply and storage, agrochemistry, agriculture economics, entomology, nematology, agronomy, crop cultivation and production, harvesting, horticulture, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetable growing and their protection, floriculture, weed science, plant pathology, physiology and biochemistry, pesticides, vegetable science, soil science, soil biology and biochemistry, water resources and irrigation, land degradation, deforestation, sedimentation, climate change, rainfall, erosion, ecology, pollution, agriculture engineering including agriculture machinery, farm operation services, tropical agriculture and agriculture economics. Submission to the journal is open to all scientists who are interested in all research areas of agriculture and animal sciences. The peer-reviewed proceedings of scientific meetings, symposia and workshops related to agriculture and animal sciences are also published.

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Editor-in-Chief: Dr.Gautam Kaul

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