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JOURNAL OF MULTIFUNCTIONAL POLYMERS is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original research on all fundamental and applied aspects of polymer science, engineering and technology including polymer synthesis, characterization, spectroscopy, processing, fabrication, morphology and phase behavior, surfaces and interfaces, transport, electrical and optical properties, rheological, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties, polymerization mechanisms, chemical modification, oxidation, crosslinking, degradation, tacticity, flammability, emulsion, adsorption, polymer composites, injection molding, nanocomposites, sol-gel structures, bio-macromolecules, photopolymers, conducting polymers, micro/nanostructures, polymer architectures, dendimers, supramolecular polymers, environmental aspects and commercial applications. The journal publishes full length research articles, short communications and review articles in all aspects of polymers. The journal also publishes original research and reviews on membrane synthesis, transport phenomena and their applications in water purifications. The peer-reviewed proceedings of scientific meetings, symposia and workshops related to polymeric materials are also published.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas, India

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