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Journal of Nanofluids (JON) is an international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal covering a wide range of research topics in the field of nanofluids and fluid science. It is an ideal and unique reference source for scientists and engineers working in this important and emerging research field of science, engineering and technology. The journal publishes full research papers, review articles with author's photo and short biography, and communications of important new findings encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all aspects of science and engineering of nanofluids and fluid science related developing technologies.

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Volume 8, Number 1 (January 2019) pp. 1-251

Thermophysical Characteristics of Nanofluids and Transport Process Mechanisms
Valery Rudyak
J. Nanofluids 8, 1–16 (2019)
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Nanofluids as Direct Solar Energy Absorbers
A. Gimeno-Furió, E. Juliá, S. Barison, F. Agresti, C. Friebe, and M. H. Buschmann
J. Nanofluids 8, 17–29 (2019)
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Thermal Enhancement Using Nanofluids on High Heat Dissipation Electronic Components
Roger R. Riehl
J. Nanofluids 8, 30–40 (2019)
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Impact of Thermal Radiation on MHD Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Over a Nonlinear Stretching
Sheet with Convective Boundary Condition

N. Saidulu, T. Gangaiah, and A. Venkata Lakshmi
J. Nanofluids 8, 41–50 (2019)
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Investigation of Partial Slip and Viscous Dissipation Effects on the Radiative Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid
Flow Past a Vertical Permeable Riga Plate with Internal Heating: Bungiorno Model

M. K. Nayak, Sachin Shaw, O. D. Makinde, and Ali J. Chamkha
J. Nanofluids 8, 51–62 (2019)
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Thermodynamics Analysis of a Casson Nanofluid Flow Through a Porous Microchannel in the Presence of
Hydrodynamic Slip: A Model of Solar Radiation

N. S. Shashikumar, B. C. Prasannakumara, M. Archana, and B. J. Gireesha
J. Nanofluids 8, 63–72 (2019)
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Influence of Nonlinear Radiation and Cross Diffusion on MHD Flow of Casson and Walters-B Nanofluids
Past a Variable Thickness Sheet

K. Bhagya Lakshmi, K. Anantha Kumar, J. V. Ramana Reddy, and V. Sugunamma
J. Nanofluids 8, 73–83 (2019)
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MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Non-Newtonian Power-Law Nanofluid with Thermal Radiation
P. Kavitha and Kishan Naikoti
J. Nanofluids 8, 84–93 (2019)
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Effects of Thermal-Diffusion and Diffusion-Thermo on Oblique Stagnation Point Flow of Couple Stress
Casson Fluid Over a Stretched Horizontal Riga Plate with Higher Order Chemical Reaction

Rashid Mehmood, M. K. Nayak, Noreen Sher Akbar, and O. D. Makinde
J. Nanofluids 8, 94–102 (2019)
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Theoretical Investigation of Entropy Generation Effects in Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Casson
Nanofluid Over an Unsteady Permeable Stretching Surface

Adnan Saeed Butt, Asif Ali, M. NazimTufail, and Ahmer Mehmood
J. Nanofluids 8, 103–116 (2019)
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Numerical Examination of the Thermo-Electro-Hydrodynamic Convection in a Horizontal Dielectric Nanofluid
Layer Using the Power Series Method

Dhananjay Yadav, Abderrahim Wakif, Zoubair Boulahia, and Rachid Sehaqui
J. Nanofluids 8, 117–131 (2019)
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Experimental and Numerical Study of Convective Heat Transfer and Laminar Flow of a MWCNTs Nanofluid
in a Horizontal Tube

Wagd Adnan Ajeeb, M. S. A. Oliveira, N. Martins, and Bruno Abreu
J. Nanofluids 8, 132–142 (2019)
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Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD Stretched Nanofluids in the Presence of Chemical Reaction
S. K. Parida and S. R. Mishra
J. Nanofluids 8, 143–149 (2019)
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Effect of Inclined Magnetic Field on Unsteady Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Over a Stretching
Surface with Thermal Radiation

Punnam Rajendar and L. Anand Babu
J. Nanofluids 8, 150–159 (2019)
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Numerical Study of Three Dimensional Mixed Convective Maxwell Nanofluid Flow Over a Stretching
Surface with Non-Linear Thermal Radiation and Convective Boundary Conditions

S. Shah, S. Hussain, M. Sagheer, and M. Bilal
J. Nanofluids 8, 160–170 (2019)
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Optimal Model of Thermal Conductivity and Dynamic Viscosity for Convective Heat Transfer in a Nanofluid
Issameddine Bacha, Syham Kadri, Mohammed Elmir, Razli Mehdaoui, and Elhouaria Bourbaba
J. Nanofluids 8, 171–178 (2019)
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MHD Flow of Nanofluid Flow Across Horizontal Circular Cylinder: Steady Forced Convection
I. Tlili, W. A. Khan, and K. Ramadan
J. Nanofluids 8, 179–186 (2019)
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Penetrative Convection in a Rotating Internally Heated Magnetic Nanofluid Layer
Amit Mahajan and Mahesh Kumar Sharma
J. Nanofluids 8, 187–198 (2019)
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Application of Artificial Neural Network Model for Prediction of Thermo–Physical Properties of Carbon
Nanotubes (CNTs) Containing Nanofluid

R. A. Mohamed
J. Nanofluids 8, 199–204 (2019)
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Entropy Generation Minimization of Magnetohydrodynamic Slip Flow of Casson H2O + Cu Nanofluid
in a Porous Microchannel

S. Das, S. Sarkar, and R. N. Jana
J. Nanofluids 8, 205–221 (2019)
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Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in Casson and Hybrid Nanofluids: An Analytical Investigation
M. Shruthy and B. Mahanthesh
J. Nanofluids 8, 222–229 (2019)
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Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement in Mixed Convection in a Brinkman–Darcy Flow of
Au-Water and Ag-Water Nanofluids

Upendar Mendu and K. Venumadhav
J. Nanofluids 8, 230–237 (2019)
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Analytical Investigation of Laminar Forced Convection with Viscous Dissipation in Parallel Plate Channels
Partially Filled with Porous Material: Constant Wall Heat Flux

D. Bhargavi and J. Sharath Kumar Reddy
J. Nanofluids 8, 238–251 (2019)
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