Nanocrystals and Quantum Dots of Group IV Semiconductors

Edited by
T. V. Torchynska, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
Yu. V. Vorobiev, CINVESTAV-IPN, Unidad Queretaro, Mexico
    July 2010
300 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-154-X

Nanocrystals and quantum dots are nanometer-scale semiconductor structures that represent one of the most intensively developing areas of modern semiconductor physics. The optical, magnetic, electronic, mechanical, and biochemical properties of materials are beginning to be modified using nano-scale structures. Novel physical phenomena in nano-scale structures have been revealed and are applied in lasers and optical amplifiers, light emitting diodes, photodiodes, memory devices, biological luminescence markers, etc. The application of quasi zero-dimensional quantum dots in electronics has led to novel semiconductor technology and device concepts as well as to essential improvement in device performances. These achievements and technological applications of modern electronics deal mainly with direct band gap semiconductors such as the materials found in the groups III-V (InAs, GaAs,) and II-VI (CdSe, ZnS). In the case of indirect band gap materials (Si, Ge, SiC) many fundamental facts and phenomena related to the nanocrystals and quantum dots are now at least qualitatively understood, but no comprehensive survey exists to guide newcomers to the field. This book tries to fill this gap. It focuses on the optical and electrical phenomena in nanocrystal structures of indirect band gap group IV materials (Si, Ge, SiC). This book is an attempt to review the modern existing information in published materials. In addition, it includes the scientific results obtained by the authors' team, related to the physics, technology, optical and electrical properties, and different applications of Si, Ge, and SiC nanocrystal and quantum dot structures. It may be incomplete as such a work in a rapidly progressing field necessarily will be.

Amorphous Si Matrix
Applications of Porous SiC
Dielectric Matrix
Electrical Properties
Embedded Systems
Nanocrystal Memory Structures
Nanostructured Materials
Optical Properties
Physical Aspects
Quantum Dots
Semiconductor Nanocrystals and Quantum Dots
Si and Ge Quantum Dot Structures
Si Nanocrystals and Quantum Dots
SiC Nanocrystal Structures

This book is a valuable reference source for scientists, researchers, upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, and specialists working in solid-state physics, materials science, electrical and electronic engineering, optical engineering, surface science, semiconductor technology, and information technology.

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