Polymer Optical Fibers


Edited by
Hari Singh Nalwa
Formerly of Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., JAPAN

    February 2004
ca.250 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-012-8

Polymer Optical Fibers summarizes research activities on polymer optical fibers to offer a complete perspective on this emerging topic. Polymer optical fibers are in great demand for the transmission and processing of optical communications compatible with the Internet, which is one of the fastest growing industries of modern times. This book is aimed to bring together, under a single cover, all aspects of plastic optical fibers including different classes of polymers; fiber fabrication techniques; laser sources used for optical fibers, mechanical properties; photosensitivity; poling and second harmonic generation; adhesion; donor–acceptor properties of surfaces; protective coatings; water resistance; stress corrosion; mechanical stability and deformation characteristics; temperature and pressure sensitivity; fiber elongation; optical fiber attenuation; planar optical waveguides; fiber gratings; refractive index distribution and their potential applications in telecommunication and high capacity transmission systems; WDM systems; gigabit ethernet; power splitters and couplers; amplifiers; sensors; filters; lenses; scramblers; integrated optical devices; frequency up-conversion; etc.

  • Fabrication Techniques for Plastic Optical Fibers, Chang-Won Park, USA
  • Gradient-Index Polymer Optical Fibers: Analysis of Fabrication Techniques, Wen-Chang Chen,
    Jui-Hsiang Liu, Yung Chang, Ming-Hsin Wei, and Hong-Wen Su, Taiwan

  • Gradient Refractive Index Distribution of Rare-Earth-Doped Polymer Optical Fibers,
    Qijin Zhang, China
  • Polymer Optical Fiber Gratings, G. D. Peng and P. L. Chu, Australia
  • Polymer-based Integrated Optics Devices, Alfred Driessen, Arne Leinse, Sami Musa,
    René M. de Ridder, and Sulur, The Netherlands

  • High Capacity Transmission Systems, Giok-Djan Khoe, Henrie van den Boom,
    and Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, The Netherlands

  • Plastic Optical Fiber Passive Devices, Liliana R. Kawase, Brazil
  • Second-Order Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers, I. C. S. Carvalho, W. Margulis,
    and B. Lesche, Brazl
  • Most up-to-date reference work summarizing latest research in polymeric optical fibers and their applications.
  • A unique source of in-depth knowledge of polymer science, materials science, polymer physics, and optics of polymeric fibers.
  • About 800 bibliographic citations and hundreds of illustrations, figures, tables, and equations.
  • Fully cross-referenced, this book has a wide appeal as an essential reference source long due for the scientific community. .
A perfect multidisciplinary reference source for scientists, researchers, upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, and practitioners working in the field of optical fibers, fiber technology, polymer science and engineering, materials science.
"This new book is warmly recommended and will indoubtedly prove valuable to all those actively engaged in the growing field of polymer optical fiber technology and applications."
POLYMER NEWS, October 2004.

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