Electronic Excitations in Liquefied Rare Gases

Edited by
Werner F. Schmidt and Eugen Illenberger
Free University, Berlin, Germany
ca. 350 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-036-5
This book is a collection of excellent review articles about the effects of excess charge carriers and electronic Excitations in liquefied rare gases. It is both a solid professional reference source and an advanced-level textbook that is useful for graduate students, physicists, chemists, and engineers who work with liquefied rare gases. The main emphasis is clearly placed on experimental aspects. Several chapters give a comprehensive overview about the basics that is hard to find elsewhere. This spares the reader valuable time that would be spent in collecting this information from other sources. The book also covers some highly topical aspects of liquefied rare gases, such as the field of helium droplets. The idea of the editors to restrict the scope of this book by focusing on electronic excitations in liquefied rare gases has worked out extremely well. It gives the reader a detailed insight into this field that would not be possible in any other way. The clear structure of this volume makes it a perfect reference book.

Paul Scheier, University Insbruck, Austria
Angewandte Chemie, Int. Ed. Vol. 46, p. 1944 (2007)

Electronic Excitations in Liquefied Rare Gases is a unique and only reference source that reviews the research and development of liquefied rare gases, which took place over a period of last 50 years. Liquefied rare gases are the simplest dielectric liquids.which are insulators from a physical point of view. While the gaseous and solid state of matter have received intensive attention from the begining of modern science, the knowledge about liquids remained undocumented so far. Liquids exhibit local order as solids and long-range disorder as gases. Fundamental problems related to the generation, transport and recombination of charge carriers in liquefied rare gases could be studied under controlled conditions since liquid samples of extremely high purity can be prepared. Liquefied rare gases have found applications in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and materials science. In this volume, world-leading scientists have summarized the knowledge gained about electronic processes in these liquids. The topics are interesting for scientists working in fundamental research as well for those applying liquefied rare gases in experimental or technical devices. The book contains 15 review chapters on different aspects of liquefied rare gases. Such an in depth compilations of knowledge in this field has not been published as of today. The topics of this book concentrate on the processes of electronic excitation, which are of general fundamental interest and have found applications in detectors for high energy physics, light sources for the extreme ultraviolet, etc. just to name a few.

  • Ground State Properties of Rare Gas Fluids and Their Microscopic Foundations,
    Debra J. Searles and Hanspeter Huber
  • High Pressure Effects in Supercritical Rare-Gas Fluids, W. J. Nellis
  • Band structure Parameters of Classical Rare Gas Liquids, I.T. Steinberger, Israel
  • Ionization and Excitation by High Energy Radiation, Tadayoshi Doke, Japan
  • Solutes in Rare Gas Liquids, Ilya Obodovskiy, Russia
  • Large Electrons and Ions in Superfluid Helium II, Armando Francesco Borghesani
  • Localized Electrons, Holes and Ions, Alexey G. Khrapak, Werner F. Schmidt,
    and Eugen Illenberger
  • Hot electrons, Yosuke Sakai, Japan
  • Electric Discharges, Werner F. Schmidt and Katsumi Yoshino
  • Principles of Production and Ultra Purification, Dietrich Schinzel and Werner F. Schmidt
  • Rare Gas Liquid Detectors, M. I. Lopes and V. Chepel, Potugal
  • He Droplets: A fluid with Unusual Properties, Klaus von Haeften and Martina Havenith
  • Rare Gases Under Different Stages of Aggregation: Gas Phase, Clusters and Films,
    Richard Balog, Michal Stanoa, Werner F. Schmidt, and Eugen Illenberger, Germany
  • Electron and Ion Mobility in Dense Rare Gases, Masaru Nishikawa and Kengo Itoh, Japan
  • Computer Simulation of Ion Recombination in High Energy Charged Particle Tracks,
    S. Witold, M. Bartczak, and Andries Hummel
This book would be a very valuable reference source for professionals, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers in practice, senior scientists working in the fields of liquefied rare gases, high energy physics, physics, chemistry, materials science, and electrical engineering as well as a valuable addition to their library since it reviews the development in this field which took place overa period of last 50 years.

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