Soft Nanomaterials, 2-Volume set

   2-Volume Set
Edited by
Hari Singh Nalwa, Nanomax Technologies, USA
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, USA
    October 2009
700 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 1-58883-040-3

The concept of soft matter was discovered by Professor Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1991. The concept originated based on thermodynamic behaviors of liquid crystalline materials. The examples of soft matter are liquid crystals, biological materials (nucleic acids), gels, colloids, foams, polymers, surfactants, micelles, emulsions, etc. These soft materials at a nanometer scale are regarded as soft nanomaterials, the examples include nanostructured materials such as polymers, liquid crystals, gels, self-assemblies, biopolymers, membranes, thin films, monolayers, multilayers, nanocomposites, hybrids, biological and biomimetic materials, etc. Soft nanomaterials are a special class of materials that have applications in our daily life including foams, gels, cosmetics, adhesives, detergents, food packaging, lubricants, electronics, photonics, medicines, biomedical sciences, etc. Soft Nanomaterials summarize new developments and the role of nanotechnology at the interface of materials science and surface science. The research areas of coverage for this book are quite broad which include synthesis, processing, fabrication, spectroscopic characterization, properties and applications of soft nanomaterials. This book brings under a single cover all experimental and theoretical aspects of the soft nanomaterials focusing on an interdisciplinary approach by blending their chemistry, physics, and biology. The book focuses on all aspects dealing with the chemistry, physics, biology and engineering of soft nanoscale materials and their applications. This book contains eighteen state-of-the-art review chapters written by world's experts in the field as well as over two thousand references, hundreds of figures, tables, chemical structures and equations. The book contains 18 review chapters focused on different aspects of soft nanomaterials. The book has been divided into two volumes.


Volume 1

Photophysics and Photochemistry of J-Aggregate of Cyanine Dyes
Dynamical Observations of Soft Nanomaterials Using X-Rays or High-Energy Probes
Dynamic Functions at Molecularly Assembled Films
The Physicochemical Properties of Polydiacetylene as Organic Monolayer and LB Films
When Biomolecules Meet Highly Oriented Monolayer Systems on Semiconductor Surfaces
Electrostatic Self-Assembly Methods of Fabricating Enzymatic Surfaces
Hydrodynamics and Rheology Effects in Processing of Micellar Fluids in Nanomaterials Manufacturing
Preparation and Magnetic Properties of All-Organic Radical Liquid Crystals
Dynamic Compressive Responses of Soft Materials to High-Rate Loading
Volume 2
Assembly of Oligonucleotide Probes on Surfaces for Development of Biosensors and Biochips
Protein-Membrane Interactions on Supported Lipid Bilayers
Polypeptide Multilayer Films and Microcapsules
DNA Supramolecular Structures and Nanostructures for the Creation of Functional Nanomaterials
Surface-Immobilized DNA Monolayers and Thin Films: Constructions, Characterizations, and Select Applications
Advances and Opportunities in Electronic Structure and Charge Transfer of Polymeric DNA: Basic Science and Nanotechnology
Functional Nanostructures from Nucleic Acid-Derived Building Blocks
Design of Multifunctional Nanocarriers as Locksmiths to Gates of In Vivo Targeted Delivery
Gene Delivery System Based on Cationized Polysaccharide Carriers
  And much more ……………..

This book is a valuable reference source for students, scientists, professors and professionals working in the fields of nanotechnology, biological sciences, chemistry, chemical biology, materials science, polymer science, surface science, chemical engineering, colloidal science, biophysics, membrane science, pharmaceutical science, food science, computational and theoretical sciences.

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