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Volume 1, Number 2 (August 2013) pp. 83-160

A New Ultrasound-Assisted Method of Wastewater Treatment By Air-Stable Nanosized Zero-Valent Iron
Ivan Mikhailov, Arup Ratan Mandal, Sergey Kotov, and Denis Kuznetsov
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 83-86 (2013)
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Rapid Differential Pulse Voltammetric Determination of Galantamine on the Simple Glassy Carbon Electrode;
Alternative for the Standard Methods

Jamshid Mofidi, Hamed Maddahi, and Akbar Islamnezhad
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 87-91 (2013)
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Label-Free Capacitive Immunosensor Based on Nanostructured Cerium Oxide
Pratima R. Solanki, Md. Azahar Ali, Ajeet Kaushik, and B. D. Malhotra
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 92-97 (2013)
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Synthesis and Characterization of Plasma Treated TiO2 Nano Composites Polymer Membranes
Narendra Kumar Agrawal, Kamlendra Awasthi, Y. K. Vijay, and K. C. Swami
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 98-104 (2013)
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Optical and Structural Properties of Solution-Processed Polyaniline Composite Thin Films with C60 and
Multi Wall Nanotube

S. S. Sharma, Subodh Srivastava, and Y. K. Vijay
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 105-110 (2013)
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Electrochemical Study of Hexa Coordinated Ni (II) and Co (II) Complexes with N2O-Donor Sets: Synthesis,
Characterization, Interaction with Calf Thymus-DNA and Antibacterial Activity

Madhumita Hazra, Tanushree Dolai, Akhil Pandey, Subrata Kumar De, and Animesh Patra
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 111-117 (2013)
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ZnO Doping in PET Matrix Enhances Conductivity of PET-ZnO Nanocomposites
Harshita Agrawal, Vibhav K. Saraswat, and Kamlendra Awasthi
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 118-123 (2013)
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Morphological Dependence on the Nonlinear Optical Behaviour of TiO2 Nanostructures
S. Divya, V. P. N. Nampoori, P. Radhakrishnan, and A. Mujeeb
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 124-127 (2013)
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Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Based on Graphene Nanoplatelets
S. S. Sharma, Vinay Sharma, Rajveer Singh, Subodh Srivastva, Preetam Sharma, and Y. K. Vijay
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 128-132 (2013)
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Formation of Fern Leaf and Flower Like Structure of Aragonite in Phospholipids Template
Tapanendu Kamilya, Prabir Pal, Ratan Sarkar, and G. B. Talapatra
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 133-135 (2013)
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Effect of Functionalization of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes on their Electrochemical Properties
Nikos G. Tsierkezos and Uwe Ritter
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 136-141 (2013)
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Polyvinyl Alcohol Matrix Assisted Preferential Growth of CdS Nanoparticles: Stability and Optical Property
Arup Ratan Mandal, Sergey Volchematiev, Denis Leybo, Dmitry Muratov, and Denis Kuznetsov
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 142-147 (2013)
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High Sensitivity Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on Plasma Modified TiO2/Chitosan for Ochratoxin-A

Raju Khan, K. K. Saini, and Marshal Dhayal
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 148-152 (2013)
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Electrochemical Sensor Consisting of Nitrogen-Doped Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with
Platinum Nanoparticles

Nikos G. Tsierkezos, Shereen Haj Othman, Lars Hafermann, and Uwe Ritter
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 153-160 (2013)
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Volume 1, Number 1 (April 2013) pp. 1-81

Welcome to the Advanced Electrochemistry
Editor-in-Chief: Marshal Dhayal
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 1-2 (2013)
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Amperometry Detection of Hydrazine Using Polyvinylpyrrolidone Protected Manganese Hexacyanoferrate
Nanoparticles Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

S. Jancy Sophia, S. Devi, and K. Pandian
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 3-9 (2013)
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Effect of Hexamine on Morphology and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanostructures
Pijus Kanti Samanta
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 10-15 (2013)
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Electrochemical Determination of Dopamine at Nanoparticles Modified Polymer Electrode-A Brief Study
R. Sozaraj, S. Ram Sankar, R. Vimala, and Andrews Nirmala Grace
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 16-21 (2013)
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Electronic and Atomic Structures of LiMPO4 (M Fe, Fe1/4Mn1/4Co1/4Ni1/4): A DFT Study
Bo Jin, Ren Qin Zhang, and Qing Jiang
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 22-26 (2013)
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Testing of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube/Polycarbonate Nanocomposites for Chemical Capacitive Energy Storage
Balram Tripathi
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 27-30 (2013)
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Selective Electrochemical Etching of Ion Beam Tracks in Polymeric Films and Their Characterization
Y. K. Vijay
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 31-35 (2013)
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One-Step Preparation of Metallic Titanium from Rutile at 1850 °C
Fanke Meng and Huimin Lu
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 36-41 (2013)
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Antimicrobial Properties of Electro-Chemically Stabilized Organo-Metallic Thin Films
Kumud Kant Awasthi, Anjali Awasthi, Kamakshi, Narain Bhoot, P. J. John, Satinder K. Sharma, and Kamlendra Awasthi
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 42-47 (2013)
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Electrochemical Determination of Pb(II) Ion Using Chitosan-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
Tesfaye Alemayehu, Khalid Siraj, Birhanu Desalegn Assresahegn, and Tefera Entele Tesema
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 48-54 (2013)
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Modification of Titanium Surface States by Ruthenium to Enhance Electrochemical Response of TiO2 Thin
Films for Biosensor Application

Ravi Ranjan Randey, Marshal Dhayal, and Krishan Kumar Saini
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 55-61 (2013)
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Engineering Electrochemical Response of TiO2-Based Enzymatic Biosensors by Aliovalent Cation Doping
Ravi Ranjan Pandey, Marshal Dhayal, and Krishan Kumar Saini
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 62-66 (2013)
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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Printed on Thin Textile Films for Electrochemical Sensing
Nikos G. Tsierkezos, Uwe Ritter, Nora Wetzold, Arved Carl Hübler, Thomas Fischer, and Lothar Kroll
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 67-74 (2013)
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Using Ion-Selective Electrode for Estimation of Fluoride Contaminated Seasons for Groundwater
P. D. Sreedevi and S. Ahmed
Adv. Electrochem. 1, 75-81 (2013)
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