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Aims and Scope

Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research (JAMR) provides a forum for rapid dissemination of important developments in high-resolution microscopy techniques, as well as their applications in all areas of science, engineering, and medicine. JAMR is intended for both developers and users, and offers the reader timely, peer-reviewed research on science and technology of the highest quality. JAMR publishes original rapid communications, full research papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews (with author's photo and biography) encompassing the fundamental and applied research on all aspects of high-resolution microscopy. Highest priority will be given to short communications reporting important new scientific and technological findings. Authors will receive the following benefits:

  • Electronic submission of articles
  • Fast reviews
  • Rapid times to publication
  • No page charges
  • Free color where justified
  • Availability in print and online editions
RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (but not limited to)
Both original research and technical contributions dealing with all aspects of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM), and scanning probe microscopy (SPM), including scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), lateral force microscopy (LFM), chemical force microscopy (CFM), piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), electrostatic force microscopy (EFM), magnetic force microscopy (MFM), thermal scanning microscopy (TSM), scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM), phase detection microscopy (PDM), scanning surface potential microscopy (SSPM) or Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), and force modulation microscopy (FMM). Advances and developments in high-resolution microscopy techniques, specimen preparation, instrumentation, methods and concepts; the use of high-resolution microscopy techniques to image, characterize and analyze man-made and natural samples; to study physicochemical phenomena such as abrasion, adhesion, corrosion and friction; to perform micro and nanofabrication, lithography, patterning, micro and nanomanipulation; theory and modeling.
Scientists, engineers, biologists, medical professionals and all other specialists, both developers and users, dealing with high-resolution microscopy techniques.


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