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Journal of Green Science and Technology
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Journal of Green Science and Technology Journal of Green Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal consolidating research activities in all experimental and theoretical aspects of green science, engineering, technology and medicine into a single and unique reference source. This journal deals with interdisciplinary research areas such as naturally occurring materials, biomaterials, new eco-friendly and safer chemicals, methods and techniques for developing environmentally friendly novel materials, agriculture research, food science, water sources, toxicology, environment in connection with packaging industries, transportation, construction, daily consumer goods, electronics, photonics, optics, machinery, occupational medicine, epidemiology, microbiology, biomedical industries, man-made materials and chemicals, energy conservation, rural and urban development, pollution, biomass and other related research fields, industrial ecology, aspects of renewable energy technologies, scientific studies of environmental impact, development of eco-friendly and safe electronic materials and devices for semiconductor industries, biobased materials and bioenergy, next generation materials and biofuels, biopolymers and composites, hybrid materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology, theoretical and computational approaches related to green science, solar energy materials, effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health, cell phones, computers, impact of pollution on environment, biohazards, safe medicine, applications of green science in pharmaceuticals, medicines, biology and biotechnology, and much more..

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 Volume 2, Number 1 (December 2015) pp.1- 80

Food Nanotechnology the New Era for Food Sector and Its Bottleneck
Kangkana Banerjee and V. Ravishankar Rai
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 1-9 (2015)
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Tailored Non-Woven Electrospun Mesh of Poly-Ethyleneoxide-Keratin for Radioactive Metal Ion Sorption
K. Balasubramanian, Surabhi Sharma, Swarada R. Badwe, and Barnali S. Banerjee
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 10-19 (2015)
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A Simple, Efficient and Sustainable Route to Cellulose/Cu Nanocomposite-Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial
and Free Radical Scavenging Activities

Sharika Kuthiravettath Cottayil, Megha Mohan, and G. Sivasubramanian
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 20-26 (2015)
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Fuzzy Data Mining Methods on the Distributed Dataset Clustering
Harris Soleiman, Saminol Sezari, and Tony Chandler
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 27-34 (2015)
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Identification of MicroRNAs from an Oil-Producing Microalgae
Zuodong Qin, Xiaofang Luo, Haifeng Chen, G. J. Duns, and Jishuang Chen
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 35-38 (2015)
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Green Synthesis of Silver Nano-Sols by Leaf Extract of Ocimum sanctum and Their Efficacy Against Human
Pathogenic Bacterium

B. H. Patel, M. Z. Channiwala, S. B. Chaudhari, and A. A. Mandot
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 39-44 (2015)
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Chemical and Photocatalytic Degradation of Crystal Violet Dye by Indian Edible Chuna (Calcium Oxide/Hydroxide)
Sadhana A. Sawant, Savita P. Somani, S. K. Omanwar, and Prakash R. Somani
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 45-48 (2015)
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Bio-Compatible Carbonate Rich Colloidal Nano Hydroxyapatite: Extraction and Investigations
S. Asha, B. Prakash, A. Nimrodh Ananth, Sujin P. Jose, R. S. Jayasree, and M. A. Jothi Rajan
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 49-55 (2015)
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Biofuel Synthesis from Cinnamic Acid Ester Derivatives Using Moringa oleifera Seed Extract: A Sustainable Energy
Abdul Wadud Bin Pichai Gany and Preeti Shrivastava
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 56-61 (2015)
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Enterprise Resource Planning System Selection Methodologies in Electronic and Mobile Commerce
Ghasem Alinejad, Saeid Emamgholizadeh, Ali Zabihi, and Rahmat Alizadeh
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 62-66 (2015)
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Using Support Vector Clustering in Social Datasets and Optimize by Multi-Stages Clustering
P. Mohsen and Z. Rezaei
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 67-70 (2015)
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Using Fuzzy Graph Searching Method to Measurement of Effects of Physical Therapy in Increasing of Human Health
Alexey Petrosi and Mohammad Javad Salehi
J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 71-75 (2015)
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J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 77 (2015)
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J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 78-79 (2015)
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J. Green Sci. Technol. 2, 80 (2015)
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