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Aims and Scope
The concepts of green science, engineering and technology deal with scientific and technological research to reduce the environmental impact of the unfriendly industries and enterprises on human health and eventually on the planet Earth. This aim can only be achieved by developing new environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic materials and their based innovative technologies. The area of green science and technology research will have great economic, political and social impact on the world. Journal of Green Science and Technology (JGST) provides an international forum for scientists, engineers, researchers, medical experts, technocrats and academicians for consolidating research activities in all experimental and theoretical aspects of green science, engineering, and green manufacturing science and technology into a single and unique reference source. JGST is the first cross-disciplinary journal to publish original peer-reviewed full research papers, rapid communications, timely state-of-the-art reviews with author's photo and short biography encompassing the fundamental and applied research in all disciplines of science, engineering, technology and medicine having connection with green science. The research areas of interests include naturally occurring materials, biomaterials, new eco-friendly and safer chemicals, methods and techniques for developing environmentally friendly novel materials, new industrial technologies, agriculture research, crop production, food science, water sources, ecological research, toxicology, environment in connection with packaging industries, transportation, construction, daily consumer goods, electronics, photonics, optics, machinery, occupational medicine, epidemiology, microbiology, biomedical industries, man-made materials and chemicals, energy conservation, rural and urban development, pollution, biomass and other related research fields, industrial ecology, aspects of renewable energy technologies, scientific studies of environmental impact, development of eco-friendly and safe electronic materials and devices for semiconductor industries, biobased materials and bioenergy, next generation materials and biofuels, biopolymers and composites, hybrid materials, novel materials and devices processing technologies, nanoscience and nanotechnology, theoretical and computational approaches related to green science, new energy harvesting materials and systems, solar energy materials, solar cells and photovoltaic devices, effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health, cell phones, computers, audio and video systems, acoustic devices, impact of pollution on environment, biohazards, safe medicine, applications of green science in pharmaceuticals, medicines, biology and biotechnology, and much more.
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Chemists, engineers, biologists, scientists and all others working in the fields of environmentally friendly and safe advanced and futuristic materials and their related technologies having connections with environmental sciences and engineering, green chemistry, green engineering, materials science, chemistry and chemical engineering, packaging, polymer science and engineering, energy technology, food science, the life sciences and all related disciplines.

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