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Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research
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Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research is an international journal which publishes peer-reviewed articles on food production and consumption, with regard to health, environment, society and economy. The scope is thus broad, articles being focused on significant novel research in human and animal nutrition, food science and technology, food marketing and transportation. In addition, articles on food and identity, agriculture and sustainability, are also welcome. The journal only publishes novel, high quality review papers, original research papers, short communications, concerning all aspects of food and nutrition. It is journal policy to publish special issues on topical and emergent subjects of nutrition and food research or related areas.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Prof. Federico Infascelli, Italy

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Volume 3, Number 1 (March 2016) pp. 1-90

Evaluation of Protein Quality of Bean or Maize-Cassava-Teff Flour Blends of Staple Meal (Injera) Consumed in
Ethiopia Using Mice

Abebe Haile, Negussie Retta, and Cherinet Abuye
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 1–9 (2016)
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Physico-Chemical and Phytochemical Properties of Tamarind Seed at Varying Moisture Content
Ashish M. Mohite, Neha Sharma, and Anuradha Mishra
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 10–14 (2016)
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The Effectiveness of the Cascade Model in Promoting Improved Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in
Rural Malawi

Chiutsi-Phiri Gabriella, Heil Eleonore, A. Kalimbira Alexander, Masangano Charles, M. Mtimuni Beatrice,
Mthinda Catherine, Hermann Johannes, B. Krawinkel Michael, and Jordan Irmgard

J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 15–24 (2016)
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Effect of Feeding Management on the Nutritional Composition of Artisan Soft Cheese Made with Ewe’s Milk
M. A. Galina, M. A. Ortνz-Rubio, C. M. Guerrero, P. Vazquez, and L. J. Pineda
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 25–31 (2016)
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Health Promoting Potentials of Biscuits Produced with Orange Peel and Pulp Flours
A. N. Nwosu and P. I. Akubor
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 32–37 (2016)
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Formulation of Fenugreek Seed Incorporated Food Products for Therapeutic Benefit in the Management of Diabetes
Niharika Rawat, Vandana, and Sarita Srivastava
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 38–43 (2016)
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Effect of Green Coffee Processing Methods and Roasting Temperatures on Physical and Cup Quality of
Sidama Coffee, Southern Ethiopia

F. T. Tadesse, Y. Jemal, and H. Abebe
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 44–50 (2016)
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The Effects of Blending Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato with Enset (Enset ventricosum) Kocho on ί-Carotene
Content of Flat-Bread

Abebe Haile Woldemeskel, Martha Geribo, and Esayas Kinfe
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 51–57 (2016)
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A Special Section on Understanding Nutrition Research: From Ecology to Human Well-Being
Guest Editors: : Marianna Crispino and Maria Pina Mollica
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 58 (2016)
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Relationships Among Plant Traits, Soil Characteristics and Olive Oil Properties in Different Olea europaea
L. Cultivars

Carmen Arena, Barbarisi Costantina, Volpe Maria Grazia, and De Marco Anna
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 59–66 (2016)
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Galdieria sulphuraria as a Possible Source of Food Colorant
Simona Carfagna, Giovanna Salbitani, Claudia Bottone, and Vincenza Vona
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 67–70 (2016)
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Feed Your Mind: The Role of Nutrition on Trading Performance. A Pilot Study
Federico De Luca and Sibilla De Falco
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 71–74 (2016)
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Nutritional Aspects in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
M. D. Iadevaia, L. M. Vitale, M. Niosi, C. de Sio, M. Romano, C. Loguercio, and I. de Sio
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 75–80 (2016)
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Low FODMAPs Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Anna Testa, Antonio Rispo, Matilde Rea, Olga Maria Nardone, Paola Gervetti, Maria Laura Taranto, and Fabiana Castiglione
J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 81–86 (2016)
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From the Fat Tasting to the Regulation of Energy Homeostasis
G. Trinchese, G. Cavaliere, C. De Filippo, M. Coppola, H. M. Bottu, S. Di Scala, A. Della Gatta, T. Capasso, M. Ferraro,
C. Stradella, L. Stradella, and R. Negri

J. Nutr. Ecol. Food Res. 3, 87–90 (2016)
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