Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
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Aims and Scope
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience is an international peer-reviewed journal with a wide-ranging coverage, consolidates research activities in all aspects of computational and theoretical nanoscience into a single reference source. This journal offers scientists and engineers peer-reviewed research papers in all aspects of computational and theoretical nanoscience and nanotechnology in chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering and biology to publish original full papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews and short communications encompassing the fundamental and applied research.
RESEARCH TOPICS COVERED (alphabetical listing)
Assemblers, basic physics, biological systems, biochemical systems, bionics, biophysics, CAD, carbon systems, cellular mechanisms, chaotic systems, circuits, clusters, cluster systems, complex aggregates, computer codes, crystal growth, data analysis, defined chain length molecules, devices, diffusion processes, DNA, drug design, dynamics, electronics, electronic properties, enzyme reactivity and reactions, equation of state, friction, computational genomics, gene technology, genetics, holistic views, information theory, interactions, ion channelling, kinetics, macromolecules, molecular interactions, large scale simulations, liquids, liquid crystals, luminescence, magnetic structures, manufacturing, many-particle systems, metallurgy, materials, material properties, mechanical models, metals, mathematical methods, molecule design, molecular dynamics, molecular mechanics, Monte Carlo simulations, multi-scale methods, nanomachines, nano-optics, nanorobotics, nanotechnology and ethics, noble gases, nonlinear optics, numerical algorithm, numerical procedures, oligomers, optoelectronics, phase transitions, phenomenological theory, philosophical implications and positions, photonic crystals, polymers, potential development, protein folding, quantum chemistry, quantum computers, quantum dots, quantum electronics and optics, quantum technology, replicators, RNA, semiconductors, superconductors, solid state physics, statistical physics, structural chemistry, structures, structures on surfaces, surfaces, technological applications, theoretical biosciences, theoretical physics, thermodynamics thought experiments, wear, and much more…
This journal also covers the nano-communication networks (experimental/theoretical) between different types of nanoscale devices to wired and wireless networks and to the Internet, molecular, electromagnetic and quantum communications, communication protocols, modeling and simulation of networks, nanoarchitectures, nanoscale sensors and actuators, nanomachines, nanoscale biological phenomena, and their related applications. 

Scientists, engineers and biologists working in computational aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology having connections with chemistry, physics, materials science, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, optical science and engineering, ceramic and chemical engineering, device engineering, aerospace engineering, computer science and technology, information technology, bionformatics, biology, biotechnology, surface science, polymer science and engineering, supramolecular science.

Authors should submit manuscript online to the Manuscript Tracking System.

Prof. Dr. Ali J. Chamkha
Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Kuwait College of Science and Technology
Doha, Kuwait

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