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Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research

Volume 2, Number 1/2 (June/December 2007)

Scanning Probe Microscopy in Materials Research
ICMAT 2007 Conference (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology) Symposium G:

Guest Editor: N. Chandrasekhar
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, (i) (2007)
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A Well Defined Electron Beam Source Produced by the Controlled Field Assisted Etching of Metal Tips to <1 nm Radius
Moh'd Rezeq, Jason Pitters, and Robert Wolkow
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 1–4 (2007)
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Scanning Probe Microscopy for Surface Roughness Characterization of
Lactose Carriers Used in Dry Powder Inhalation Therapy

A. D. Karande, Q. Zhou, L. W. Chan, P. W. S. Heng, and C. V. Liew
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 5–9 (2007)
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Structural Integrity and Transport Characteristics of STM-Defined, Highly-Doped Si:P Nanodots
Frank J. Rueß, Wilson Pok, Thilo C. G. Reusch, Giordano Scappucci, Martin Füchsle, Mladen Mitic,
Daniel L. Thompson, and Michelle Y. Simmons

J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 10–14 (2007)
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Nanoscale Acoustic Near-Field Imaging in an SEM/SPM Hybrid System with Sub-Picometer Sensitivity
Ch. Thomas, R. Heiderhoff, and L. J. Balk
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 15–18 (2007)
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Study and Manipulation of Single Functionalized Molecules by Low Temperature STM
L. Grill, M. Alemani, K.-H. Rieder, F. Moresco, G. Rapenne, C. Joachim, M. V. Peters, and S. Hecht
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 19–23 (2007)
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Surface Characterization of TaN-Cu Nanocomposite Thin Films Using Scanning Surface Potential Microscopy
J. H. Hsieh, P. C. Liu, M. K. Cheng, and P. W. Kuo
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 24–27 (2007)
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Effects of Tip Voltage and Writing Speed on the Formation of Silicon Oxide Nanodots
Patterned by Scanning Probe Lithography

Sabar D. Hutagalung, Teguh Darsono, Khatijah A. Yaacob, and Zainal A. Ahmad
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 28–31 (2007)
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Polymerization on DNA Templates for Nanoelectronics Applications
S. R. Rajwade, P. D. Kulkarni, S. Mukherji, K. K. Rao, and V. Ramgopal Rao
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 32–35 (2007)
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Morphological and Interfacial Investigations at Ni/Si System
Shivani Agarwal, Ankur Jain, N. Karar, B. R. Chakraborty, Ajay Gupta, and I. P. Jain
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 36–40 (2007)
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Dynamics of Phospholipid Membrane Growth and Drug-Membrane Interactions Probed by
Atomic Force Microscopy

Matthew R. Nussio, Matthew Liddell, Matthew J. Sykes, John O. Miners, and Joseph G. Shapter
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 41–45 (2007)
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Vorticella Stalk Characterization via Atomic Force Microscopy
M. F. Andrade, M. Valdez, A. Virgen-Ortiz, X. Trujillo, M. Huerta, and J. L. Marin
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 46–50 (2007)
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Imaging of Pristine and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Guoxiu Wei, Mark T. Greiner, and Peter Kruse
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 51–57 (2007)
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Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Silver Nanoislands Synthesised from Aspergillus versicolor
C. Gopalakrishnan, Shivaraman Ramaswamy, and Usha Memoriya
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 58–62 (2007)
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Table of Contents to Volume 2, Number 1–2, 2007
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 63 (2007)
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Author Index to Volume 2, Number 1–2, 2007
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 64–65 (2007)
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Subject Index to Volume 2, Number 1–2, 2007
J. Scann. Probe Microsc. 2, 66 (2007)
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