Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Volume 3, Number 4 (December 2007) pp.301-425

Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Therapeutic Applications
Lakshmi S. Nair and Cato T. Laurencin
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 301–316 (2007)
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Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN®, NLC®) for Cutaneous Drug Delivery: Structure, Protection and Skin Effects
E. B. Souto, A. J. Almeida, and R. H. Müller
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 317–331 (2007)
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Liposomes as a Carrier for Pulmonary Delivery of Peptides and Proteins
Ru Bi and Na Zhang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 332–341 (2007)
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Gadofullerenes and Gadonanotubes: A New Paradigm for High-Performance
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent Probes

Balaji Sitharaman and Lon J. Wilson
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 342–352 (2007)
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Core–Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles of Heparin Conjugate as Recycling Anticoagulants
Ting-Yu Liu, Li-Ying Huang, Shang-Hsiu Hu, Ming-Chien Yang, and San-Yuan Chen
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 353–359 (2007)
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Selective Colorimetric Detection of Viral DNA Sequence of Hepatitis C Virus Genotype-4
Genetic Material Using Gold Nanoparticles

M. A. Sliem, E. M. Ebeid, and M. A. Harith
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 360–366 (2007)
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Enhanced Cancer-Targeted Delivery Using Engineered High-Density Lipoprotein-Based Nanocarriers
Ian R. Corbin, Juan Chen, Weiguo Cao, Hui Li, Sissel Lund-Katz, and Gang Zheng
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 367–376 (2007)
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Gene Delivery to Stem Cells by Combination of Chitosan-Graft-Polyethylenimine as a
Gene Carrier and E-Cadherin-IgG Fc as an Extracellular Matrix

Hu-Lin Jiang, Masato Nagaoka, You-Kyoung Kim, Rohidas Arote, Dhananjay Jere, In-Young Park, Toshihiro Akaike, and Chong-Su Cho
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 377–383 (2007)
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The Effect of Polyamidoamine Dendrimers on the In Vitro Cytotoxicity of Paclitaxel in
Cultured Prostate Cancer (PC-3M) Cells

Bharathi Devarakonda, Anja Judefeind, Srinivasulu Chigurupati, Shibu Thomas,
Girish V. Shah, Daniel P. Otto, and Melgardt M. de Villiers

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 384–393 (2007)
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Phospholipid Nanoparticles: Process Optimization Using Factorial Design and Atomic Force Microscopy
Komal Shahani, Sriramakamal Jonnalagadda, Hitesh Handa, Guangzhao Mao, and Jayanth Panyam
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 394–400 (2007)
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Fabrication of a Biomimetic Compound Containing Nano Hydroxyapatite—Demineralised Bone Matrix
J. Sundaraseelan and T. P. Sastry
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 401–405 (2007)
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CdS Quantum Dots: Enzyme Mediated In Vitro Synthesis, Characterization and Conjugation with Plant Lectins
Abu Ayoobul Ansary, S. Anil Kumar, M. V. Krishnasastry, Majid K. Abyaneh,
Sulabha K. Kulkarni, Absar Ahmad, and M. I. Khan

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 406–413 (2007)
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Table of Contents to Volume 3, Number 1–4, 2007
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 415–417 (2007)
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Author Index to Volume 3, Number 1–4, 2007
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 418–422 (2007)
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Subject Index to Volume 3, Number 1–4, 2007
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 423–425 (2007)
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Volume 3, Number 3 (August 2007)

Design of “Smart” Nano-Scale Delivery Systems for Biomolecular Therapeutics
A. S. Hoffman, P. S. Stayton, M. E. H. El-Sayed, N. Murthy, V. Bulmus, C. Lackey, and C. Cheung
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 213–217 (2007)
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Discovery of the Cell Secretion Machinery
K. M. Paknikar and Alexandar Jeremic
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 218–222 (2007)
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Nanomedicines: A New Approach for the Treatment of Serious Diseases
Christine Vauthier and Patrick Couvreur
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 223–234 (2007)
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Role of Nanobiotechnology in Cell-Based Nanomedicine: A Concise Review
Dwaine F. Emerich, Craig Halberstadt, and Christopher Thanos
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 235–244 (2007)
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Dexamethasone Release from Uniform Sized Nanoengineered Alginate Microspheres
R. D. Jayant and R. Srivastava
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 245–253 (2007)
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Viability, Proliferation and Functionality of Hepatocytes Cultured on Self-Assembled
Monolayers (SAMs)-Modified Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

Rajendra K. Aithal, Deepak P. Kumaraswamy, David K. Mills, and Debasish Kuila
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 254–263 (2007)
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Lipid Nano Spheres (LNSs) for Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of Amphotericin B: Development and

Basant Amarji, Ajazuddin, Dharmendra Raghuwanshi, S. P. Vyas, and Parijat Kanaujia
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 264–269 (2007)
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Self-Association of Endothelin-1 with Sterically Stabilized Phospholipid Nanomicelles Amplifies Its
Hemodynamic Effects in Rats

Huashan Wang, Hayat Önyüksel, Anil Gulati, and Israel Rubinstein
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 270–276 (2007)
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Hepatocyte-Selective Gene Transfer by Galactosylated Protein/Linear Polyethyleneimine/Plasmid
DNA Complexes in Mice

Miyuki Hohokabe, Yuriko Higuchi, Hidefumi Mukai, Shigeru Kawakami, and Mitsuru Hashida
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 277–284 (2007)
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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Interact with Cultured Rice Cells: Evidence of a Self-Defense Response
Xiao-ming Tan and Bunshi Fugetsu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 285–288 (2007)
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A Simple Method for Producing Free-Standing, Optically Dense Aluminium Foils with Randomly Distributed
100-nm Physical Through Holes for Biomedical Applications

Jana Doehner, Dave Schriemer, and Matthias Amrein
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 289–290 (2007)
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Incorporation of Phospholipids Enhances Cellular Uptake and Retention of Surfactant-Polymer Nanoparticles
Mahesh D. Chavanpatil, Hitesh Handa, Guangzhao Mao, and Jayanth Panyam
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 291–296 (2007)
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Commentary: FP7 Funding Possibilities for the Area of Biomedical Nanotechnology
Sophia G. Antimisiaris
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 297–299 (2007)
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Volume 3, Number 2 (June 2007)

A Milestone in Science: Discovery of the Porosome—The Universal Secretory Machinery in Cells
Editor-in-Chief: Vinod Labhasetwar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, (i) (2007)
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Nanoparticles: Characteristics, Mechanisms of Action, and Toxicity in Pulmonary Drug Delivery—A Review
Simardeep Gill, Raimar Löbenberg, Tabitha Ku, Shirzad Azarmi, Wilson Roa, and Elmar J. Prenner
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 107–119 (2007)
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Transport of Biologically Active Molecules to Intracellular Environments Utilizing a Lyzosomally
Cleavable Random Block Copolymer of Polyethylenimine

A. Braden, M. Roner, J. Ganter, and K. Nelson
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 120–130 (2007)
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Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in Biofilms Using Immunonanoparticles
Hua Yang, Liangwei Qu, Yi Lin, Xiuping Jiang, and Ya-Ping Sun
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 131–138 (2007)
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Analysis of Mesocavity DNA Biochip for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Diagnosis
Souheil Zekri, Arun Kumar, Shree R. Singh, and Ashok Kumar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 139–147 (2007)
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Polymeric Nanoparticles for Sustained Down-Regulation of Annexin A2 Lead to
Reduction in Proliferation and Migration of Prostate Cancer Cells

A. Braden, A. Kashyap, J. Vasir, V. Labhasetwar, and J. K. Vishwanatha
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 148–159 (2007)
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Preparation of Alginate Nanoparticles Using Eudragit E100 as a New Complexing Agent:
Development, In-Vitro, and In-Vivo Evaluation

Ganeshchandra S. Sonavane and Padma V. Devarajan
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 160–169 (2007)
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Encapsulation of Peroxidase by Polymerizing Acrylic Acid Monomers in “Clean” Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules
Suman R. Nayak and Michael J. McShane
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 170–177 (2007)
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Microwave Response of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Nanoparticles for Heating Applications
S. N. Kale, Rajashree Rajagopal, Sumit Arora, K. R. Bhayani, J. M. Rajwade,
K. M. Paknikar, Darshan C. Kundaliya, and S. B. Ogale

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 178–183 (2007)
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Layer-by-Layer Engineered Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Phor21-bCG(ala) Anticancer Peptide
Malcolm Prouty, Zonghuan Lu, Carola Leuschner, and Yuri Lvov
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 184–189 (2007)
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Extracellular Biosynthesis of CdSe Quantum Dots by the Fungus, Fusarium Oxysporum
S. Anil Kumar, Abu Ayoobul Ansary, Absar Ahmad, and M. I. Khan
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 190–194 (2007)
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Preparation, Pharmacokinetics and Body Distribution of Silymarin-Loaded
Solid Lipid Nanoparticles After Oral Administration

Jun He, Shixiang Hou, Weigen Lu, Lin Zhu, and Jianfang Feng
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 195–202 (2007)
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Antibacterial Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Produced by Fungal Process on
Textile Fabrics and Their Effluent Treatment

Nelson Durán, Priscyla D. Marcato, Gabriel I. H. De Souza, Oswaldo L. Alves, and Elisa Esposito
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 203–208 (2007)
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N-ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Factor is a Right-Handed Molecular Motor
Won Jin Cho and Bhanu P. Jena
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 209–211 (2007)
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Volume 3, Number 1 (April 2007)

A Special Issue on Nanotechnology in Advanced Drug Delivery
Guest Editors: M. N. V. Ravi Kumar and Russell J. Mumper
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, (ii) (2007)
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Strategies for Inhibition of P-Glycoproteins for Effective Treatment of Multidrug Resistance Tumors
R. S. R. Murthy and Neha M. Shah
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 1–17 (2007)
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Dissolution Rates and Supersaturation Behavior of Amorphous Repaglinide Particles
Produced by Controlled Precipitation

Prapasri Sinswat, Michal E. Matteucci, Keith P. Johnston, and Robert O. Williams III
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 18–27 (2007)
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Design and Development of Oral Oil in Water Ramipril Nanoemulsion Formulation:
In Vitro and In Vivo Assessment

Sheikh Shafiq, Faiyaz Shakeel, Sushma Talegaonkar, Farhan J. Ahmad, Roop K. Khar, and Mushir Ali
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 28–44 (2007)
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Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan Lactate Nanoparticles for the
Nasal Delivery of Enalaprilat

Biswarup Nanda and R. S. R. Murthy
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 45–51 (2007)
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PEGylated Poly(Lactide-co-Glycolide) (PLGA) Nanoparticulate Delivery of Docetaxel:
Synthesis of Diblock Copolymers, Optimization of Preparation Variables on
Formulation Characteristics and In Vitro Release Studies

Senthilkumar Murugesan, Subramanian Ganesan, Ranjit Kumar Averineni, Manoj Nahar,
Pradeep Mishra, and Narendra Kumar Jain

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 52–60 (2007)
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Assessment of In-Vitro Antiproliferative Activity After Intracellular Drug Delivery from
Wheat Germ Agglutinin-Conjugated Budesonide Nanoparticles

Naazneen Surti, Sachin Naik, T. Bagchi, and Ambikanandan Misra
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 61–67 (2007)
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Oral Insulin Delivery by Polymeric Nanospheres
A. Mukerjee and V. Pruthi
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 68–74 (2007)
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Morphological Changes in Magnetotactic Bacteria in Presence of Magnetic Fields
Megha Sharma, Mohit Naresh, and Aditya Mittal
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 75–80 (2007)
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Formulation, Characterization, and Evaluation of Benzocaine Phospholipid-Tagged
Lipospheres for Topical Application

Amit Bhatia, Bhupinder Singh, Veena Rani, and O. P. Katare
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 81–89 (2007)
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Nanoparticular Drug Delivery System of Cytarabine Hydrochloride (CTH) for
Improved Treatment of Lymphoma

K. Ruckmani, M. Sivakumar, and S. Satheesh Kumar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 90–96 (2007)
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Cationic Nanoparticles for Delivery of CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide and Ovalbumin:
In Vitro and In Vivo Assessment

Jigna D. Patel, Siva Gandhapudi, Julia Jones, Ronan O’Carra, Jerold G. Woodward, and Russell J. Mumper
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 3, 97–106 (2007)
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