Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Volume 6, Number 6 (December 2010) pp.621-746

Nanosized Particulate Systems for Dermal and Transdermal Delivery
Amany O. Kamel Hassan and Ahmed H. Elshafeey
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 621-633 (2010)
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Development of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Enhanced Solubility of Poorly Soluble Drugs
Sriharsha Gupta Potta, Sriharsha Minemi, Ravi Kumar Nukala, Chairmane Peinado, Dimitrios A. Lamprou,
Andrew Urquhart, and D. Douroumis

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 634-640 (2010)
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FGF2-Labeled Semiconductor Nanocrystals as Luminescent Biolabels for Imaging Neuroblastoma Cells
Gaixia Xu, Ken-Tye Yong, Indrajit Roy, and Atcha Kopwitthaya
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 641-647 (2010)
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Chitosan Coated PLA Nanoparticles for Ophthalmic Delivery: Characterization,
In-Vitro and In-Vivo Study in Rabbit Eye

Ramesh C. Nagarwal, P. N. Singh, S. Kant, P. Maiti, and J. K. Pandit
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 648-657 (2010)
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Electrospun Chitosan Nanofibers for Hepatocyte Culture
Zhang-Qi Feng, Michelle K. Leach, Xue-Hui Chu, Yi-Chun Wang, Tian Tian, Xiao-Lei Shi, Yi-Tao Ding, and
Zhong-Ze Gu

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 658-666 (2010)
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Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Therapeutic Enzyme: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Efficacy Study
Vinod P. Venkatpurwar and Varsha B. Pokharkar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 667-674 (2010)
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Preparation, Characterization, and In Vitro Evaluation of Docetaxel-Loaded
Poly(lactic acid)-Poly(ethylene glycol) Nanoparticles for Parenteral Drug Delivery

Donghua Liu, Lili Wang, Zhihong Liu, Cai Zhang, and Na Zhang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 675-682 (2010)
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In Vivo Photodynamic Therapy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cancer by TSPP-Coated Fe3O4

Jun Ding, Jihong Zhao, Kailiang Cheng, Guifeng Liu, and Dianhui Xiu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 683-686 (2010)
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Low Power Argon Laser-Induced Thermal Therapy for Subcutaneous Ehrlich Carcinoma in
Mice Using Spherical Gold Nanoparticles

Nihal Elbialy, Mahmoud Abdelhamid, and Tareq Youssef
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 687-693 (2010)
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Characterization of trans-Resveratrol-Loaded Lipid-Core Nanocapsules and Tissue Distribution
Studies in Rats

Rudimar L. Frozza, Andressa Bernardi, Karina Paese, Juliana B. Hoppe, Thaline da Silva, Ana M. O. Battastini,
Adriana R. Pohlmann, Sílvia S. Guterres, and Christianne Salbego

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 694-703 (2010)
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Effects of Interior Gelation on Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of Liposomes Encapsulating
an Anti-Cancer Drug Cytarabine

Bei Zhang, Yi Lu, Jian Chen, and Wei Wu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 704-709 (2010)
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Carbon Nanotubes as a Scaffold for Spermatogonial Cell Maintenance
Towseef Rafeeqi and Gautam Kaul
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 710-717 (2010)
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Performance Evaluation of Auxetic Molecular Sieves with Re-Entrant Structures
Teik-Cheng Lim and Rajendra U. Acharya
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 718-724 (2010)
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High Entrapment Efficiency of Chitosan/Polylactic Acid/Tripolyphotspate Nanosized Microcapsules
for Rapamycin by an Emulsion-Evaporation Approach

Jing Fu, Daxin Wang, Ting Wang, Wenjing Yang, Yan Deng, Hua Wang, Shiguang Jin, and Nongyue He
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 725-728 (2010)
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Table of Contents to Volume 6, Number 1-6, 2010
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 729-733 (2010)
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Author Index to Volume 6, Number 1-6, 2010
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 734-742 (2010)
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Subject Index to Volume 6, Number 1-6, 2010
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 743-746 (2010)
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Volume 6, Number 5 (October 2010) pp.405-620

A Special Issue on Skin Nanotechnology
Guest Editors: Omathanu Perumal, Bozena Michniak-Kohn, Elka Touitou, and Michael S. Roberts
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 405-407 (2010)
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Engineered Inorganic Nanoparticles and Cosmetics: Facts, Issues, Knowledge Gaps and Challenges
Johann W. Wiechers and Ndeke Musee
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 408-431 (2010)
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Designing Inorganic Light-Protective Skin Nanotechnology Products
Alexey P. Popov, Andrei V. Zvyagin, Juergen Lademann, Michael S. Roberts, Washington Sanchez,
Alexander V. Priezzhev, and Risto Myllylä

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 432-451 (2010)
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Are Commercially Available Nanoparticles Safe When Applied to the Skin?
Thomas A. Robertson, Washington Y. Sanchez, and Michael S. Roberts
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 452-468 (2010)
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Focus on Skin as a Possible Port of Entry for Solid Nanoparticles and the Toxicological Impact
Threes G. M. Smijs and Joke A. Bouwstra
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 469-484 (2010)
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Skin Absorption and Potential Toxicity of Nanoparticulate Nanomaterials
Biancamaria Baroli
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 485-496 (2010)
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Nanoengineering a Biocompatible Inorganic Scaffold for Skin Wound Healing
G. E. J. Poinern, D. Fawcett, Y. J. Ng, N. Ali, R. K. Brundavanam, and Z.-T. Jiang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 497-510 (2010)
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New Nanosized Technologies for Dermal and Transdermal Drug Delivery. A Review
Annett Schroeter, Tanja Engelbrecht, Reinhard H. H. Neubert, and Alexandra S. B. Goebel
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 511-528 (2010)
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Current View on Nanosized Solid Lipid Carriers for Drug Delivery to the Skin
Julijana Kristl, Karmen Teska?, and Pegi Ahlin Grabnar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 529-542 (2010)
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Biphasic Vesicles: A Novel Topical Drug Delivery System
Marianna Foldvari
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 543-557 (2010)
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Drug Delivery Applications with Ethosomes
D. Ainbinder, D. Paolino, M. Fresta, and E. Touitou
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 558-568 (2010)
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Ibuprofen Transdermal Ethosomal Gel: Characterization and Efficiency in Animal Models
Margarita Shumilov, Ronny Bercovich, Shaher Duchi, Denize Ainbinder, and Elka Touitou
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 569-576 (2010)
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Skin Delivery of Ferulic Acid from Different Vesicular Systems
Ming Chen, Xiangli Liu, and Alfred Fahr
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 577-585 (2010)
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Penetration of Quantum Dot Particles Through Human Skin
Taís Gratieri, Ulrich F. Schaefer, Lihong Jing, Mingyuan Gao, K.-H. Kostka, Renata F. V. Lopez,
and Marc Schneider

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 586-595 (2010)
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Progress and Challenges in Quantifying Skin Permeability to Nanoparticles Using a Quantum Dot Model
Luke J. Mortensen, Supriya Ravichandran, Hong Zheng, and Lisa A. DeLouise
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 596-604 (2010)
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A Novel Class of Compounds with Cutaneous Wound Healing Properties
Zhiguo Zhou, Steve Joslin, Anthony Dellinger, Marion Ehrich, Brad Brooks, Qing Ren, Ulrich Rodeck, Robert Lenk,
and Christopher L. Kepley

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 605-611 (2010)
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Transdermal Delivery Enhanced by Antimicrobial Peptides
Yeu-Chun Kim, Peter J. Ludovice, and Mark R. Prausnitz
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 612-620 (2010)
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Volume 6, Number 4 (August 2010) pp.303-403

Detection of the Cancer Marker CD146 Expression in Melanoma Cells with Semiconductor Quantum Dot Label
Hong Zheng, Guangchun Chen, Lisa A. DeLouise, and Ziyang Lou
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 303–311 (2010)
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Preparation of Zein Nanoparticles by pH Controlled Nanoprecipitation
Satheesh Podaralla and Omathanu Perumal
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 312–317 (2010)
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New Perspective of GABA as an Inhibitor of Formation of Advanced Lipoxidation End-Products:
It’s Interaction with Malondiadehyde

Yan Deng, Lijian Xu, Xin Zeng, Zhiyang Li, Binbing Qin, and Nongyue He
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 318–324 (2010)
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Development of Nanosuspension Formulation for Oral Delivery of Quercetin
Min Sun, Yan Gao, Yan Pei, Chenyu Guo, Houli Li, Fengliang Cao, Aihua Yu, and Guangxi Zhai
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 325–332 (2010)
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Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale-Hydroxyapatite-Copper for Antimicrobial Activity
Towards Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

K. Sahithi, M. Swetha, M. Prabaharan, A. Moorthi, N. Saranya, K. Ramasamy, N. Srinivasan, N. C. Partridge, and
N. Selvamurugan

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 333–339 (2010)
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Chondroitin Sulphate Decorated Nanoparticulate Carriers of 5-Fluorouracil: Development and
In Vitro Characterization

Awesh K. Yadav, Abhinav Agarwal, Sanyog Jain, Anil K. Mishra, Hemant Bid, Gopal Rai, Himanshu Agrawal, and
Govind P. Agrawal

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 340–350 (2010)
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Enhanced Gene Delivery Using Biodegradable Poly(ester amine)s (PEAs) Based on Low-Molecular-Weight
Polyethylenimine and Poly(-caprolactone)-Pluronic-Poly(-caprolactone)

Tingting Liu, Xiujun Yu, Bing Kan, Qingfa Guo, Xiuhong Wang, Shuai Shi, Gang Guo, Feng Luo, Xia Zhao,
Yuquan Wei, and Zhiyong Qian

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 351–359 (2010)
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Bioimpacts of Anti Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antisense Complexed with Polyamidoamine
Dendrimers in Human Lung Epithelial Adenocarcinoma Cells

Ailar Nakhlband, Jaleh Barar, Ali Bidmeshkipour, Hamid Reza Heidari, and Yadollah Omidi
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 360–369 (2010)
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Structural Design and Experimental Analysis of a Selective Laser Sintering System with
Nano-Hydroxyapatite Powder

Cijun Shuai, Chengde Gao, Yi Nie, Huanglong Hu, Hongyi Qu, and Shuping Peng
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 370–374 (2010)
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Lys3-Bombesin Conjugated to 99mTc-Labelled Gold Nanoparticles for In Vivo Gastrin
Releasing Peptide-Receptor Imaging

Andrei N. Mendoza-Sánchez, Guillermina Ferro-Flores, Blanca E. Ocampo-García, Enrique Morales-Avila,
Flor de M. Ramírez, Luis M. De León-Rodríguez, Clara L. Santos-Cuevas, Luis A. Medina,
Eva L. Rojas-Calderón, and Marco A. Camacho-López

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 375–384 (2010)
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Polymeric Disinfectant Nanocapsules: Effect of Molecular Weight of Poly(methyl acrylate)
Saovaree Tanpantree, Pakorn Opaprakasit, Duangporn Polpanich, Srung Smanmoo, and Pramuan Tangboriboonrat
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 385–390 (2010)
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Antibacterial Efficacy of Inhalable Antibiotic-Encapsulated Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles Against
E. coli Biofilm Cells

Wean Sin Cheow, Matthew Wook Chang, and Kunn Hadinoto
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 391–403 (2010)
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Volume 6, Number 3 (June 2010) pp.203-302

Potential Use of Nanoparticle Based Contrast Agents in MRI: A Molecular Imaging Perspective
Mohammad A. Oghabian and Nima M. Farahbakhsh
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 203–213 (2010)
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Lipid-Core Nanocapsules as a Nanomedicine for Parenteral Administration of Tretinoin: Development
and In Vitro Antitumor Activity on Human Myeloid Leukaemia Cells

A. F. Ourique, S. Azoubel, C. V. Ferreira, C. B. Silva, M. C. L. Marchiori, A. R. Pohlmann,
S. S. Guterres, and R. C. R. Beck

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 214–223 (2010)
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Nuclear Translocation of Nrf2 and Expression of Antioxidant Defence Genes in THP-1 Cells
Exposed to Carbon Nanotubes

David M. Brown, Kenneth Donaldson, and Vicki Stone
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 224–233 (2010)
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Global Gene Expression Analysis of the Effects of Gold Nanoparticles on Human Dermal Fibroblasts
Yamin Yang, Yinghua Qu, and Xiaoying Ln
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 234–246 (2010)
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Effects of Chitosan-Carboxymethyl Dextran Nanoparticles on Cell Proliferation and
on Serum Cytokine Regulation

Yi-Sheng Lin, Yoshiharu Okamoto, and Saburo Minami
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 247–253 (2010)
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Study on Chitosan/Polycaprolactone Blending Vascular Scaffolds by Electrospinning
Wenjing Yang, Jing Fu, Daxin Wang, Ting Wang, Hua Wang, Shiguang Jin, and Nongyue He
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 254–259 (2010)
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Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Inhibit Fluorescein Extrusion and Reduce Plasma Membrane
Potential in In Vitro Human Glioma Cells

Yonghong Xu, Xiao Chen, Yuli Cheng, and Yiqiao Xing
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 260–271 (2010)
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RNA Interference-Mediated Silencing of Focal Adhesion Kinase Inhibits Growth of Human Colon
Carcinoma Xenograft in Nude Mice

Ke Lei, Lu Ye, Yang Yang, Guan-Jie Wang, Qing-yuan Jiang, Yu Jiang, Yu-Quan Wei, and Hong-Xin Deng
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 272–278 (2010)
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Transportation of Drug-(Polystyrene Bead) Conjugate by Actomyosin Motor System
Harsimran Kaur, Suresh Kumar, Deepak Kukkar, Inderpreet Kaur, Kashmir Singh, and Lalit M. Bharadwaj
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 279–286 (2010)
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Preparation of Magnetic Microspheres Based on Poly(e-Caprolactone)-Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-
Poly(e-Caprolactone) Copolymers by Modified Solvent Diffusion Method

Ke Men, Shi Zeng, MaLing Gou, Gang Guo, Ying Chun Gu, Feng Luo, Xia Zhao, YuQuan Wei, and ZhiYong Qian
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 287–292 (2010)
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Development and Performance Evaluation of Amphotericin B Transfersomes Against Resistant and
Sensitive Clinical Isolates of Visceral Leishmaniasis

D. Singodia, G. K. Gupta, A. Verma, V. Singh, P. Shukla, P. Misra, S. Sundar, A. Dube, and P. R. Mishra
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 293–302 (2010)
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Volume 6, Number 2 (April 2010) pp.93-201

Aptasensors: A Review
Y. C. Lim, A. Z. Kouzani, and W. Duan
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 93-105 (2010)
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Controlled Release Carriers of Growth Factors FGF-2 and TGF 1: Synthesis, Characterization and
Kinetic Modelling

Nader Kalaji, Alexander Deloge, Nida Sheibat-Othman, Olivier Boyron, Imad About, and Hatem Fessi
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 106-116 (2010)
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Formation of Nanosized Phosphonic Acid Self Assembled Monolayers on Cobalt-Chromium Alloy for
Potential Biomedical Applications

Rahul Bhure, Tarek M. Abdel-Fattah, Carl Bonner, Joseph C. Hall, and Anil Mahapatro
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 117-128 (2010)
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Antimicrobial and Anticancer Efficacy of Antineoplastic Agent Capped Gold Nanoparticles
V. Selvaraj, A. Nirmala Grace, M. Alagar, and I. Hamerton
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 129-137 (2010)
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Antibacterial Effect of Lanthanum Calcium Manganate (La0.67Ca0.33MnO3) Nanoparticles Against Pseudomonas
aeruginosa ATCC 27853

Debasis De, Santi M. Mandal, Samiran S. Gauri, Rabindranath Bhattacharya, S. Ram, and Sanat K. Roy
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 138-144 (2010)
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Real-Time Imaging of Interactions Between Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Monolayers and Gelatin
Based Nanoparticles Using Brewster Angle Microscopy

Patrick Lai, Safia Nathoo, Tabitha Ku, Simardeep Gill, Shirzad Azarmi, Wilson Roa, Raimar Löbenberg, and
Elmar J. Prenner

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 145-152 (2010)
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Auger-Mediated Cytotoxicity of Cancer Cells in Culture by an 125I-Antisense Oligomer Delivered as a
Three-Component Streptavidin Nanoparticle

Xinrong Liu, Kayoko Nakamura, Yi Wang, Dengfeng Cheng, Minmin Liang, Nan Xiao, Ling Chen, Mary Rusckowski,
and Donald J. Hnatowich

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 153-157 (2010)
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Effect of Hydroxyapatite and -Tricalcium Phosphate Nanoparticles on Promonocytic U937 Cells
Jeanne Sylvie, Tricot-Doleux Sylvie, Pellen-Mussi Pascal, Perez Fabienne, Oudadesse Hassane, and
Cathelineau Guy

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 158-165 (2010)
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Biocompatibility of Nanostructured Chitosan/Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Blends Chemically Crosslinked with
Genipin for Biomedical Applications

Viviane M. Bispo, Alexandra A. P. Mansur, Edel F. Barbosa-Stancioli, and Herman S. Mansur
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 166-175 (2010)
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Folic Acid-Targeted Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Two-Photon Fluorescence
Valérie Lebret, Laurence Raehm, Jean-Olivier Durand, Monique Smaïhi, Martinus H. V. Werts,
Mireille Blanchard-Desce, Delphine Méthy-Gonnod, and Catherine Dubernet

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 176-180 (2010)
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Nanoencapsulation of Quercetin via Miniemulsion Polymerization
Neusa Bernardy, Ana Paula Romio, Erika I. Barcelos, Carine Dal Pizzol, Cristina L. Dora, Elenara Lemos-Senna,
Pedro H. H. Araujo, and Claudia Sayer

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 181-186 (2010)
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Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Detection of Prostate Cancer Cells Using Photoacoustic Flowmetry with
Optical Reflectance

John A. Viator, Sagar Gupta, Benjamin S. Goldschmidt, Kiran Bhattacharyya, Raghuraman Kannan, Ravi Shukla,
Paul S. Dale, Evan Boote, and Kattesh Katti

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 187-191 (2010)
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Hair Follicles Stimulation Effects of Gelatin Nanofibers Containing Silver Nanoparticles
V. Tura, B. A. Hagiu, and I. I. Mangalagiu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 192-197 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Extraction Issues of Paclitaxel in Nanocrystals
Jiexin Deng, Leaf Huang, and Feng Liu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 198-201 (2010)
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Volume 6, Number 1 (February 2010) pp.1-92

Exposure, Uptake, Distribution and Toxicity of Nanomaterials
Stephen T. Holgate
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 1-19 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Carbon Nanotubes to Deliver Drug Molecules
Sibel Ilbasmis-Tamer, Sükran Yilmaz, Erden Banoglu, and Ismail Tuncer Degim
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 20-27 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Capture of Enveloped Viruses Using Polymer Tentacles Containing Magnetic Latex Particles
Ahmed Arkhis, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Thierry Delair, Bernard Verrier, and Bernard Mandrand
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 28-36 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Interaction of MnO and ZnO Nanomaterials with Biomedically Important Proteins and Cells
H. Gann, G. Glaspell, R. Garrad, A. Wanekaya, K. Ghosh, L. Cillessen, A. Scholz, B. Parker, M. Warner, and
R. K. Delong

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 37-42 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

Tissue Distribution, Pharmacokinetics and Stability Studies of Zidovudine Delivered by Niosomes and

Kandasamy Ruckmani, Veintramuthu Sankar, and Manickam Sivakumar
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 43-51 (2010)
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Defensive Effects of Fullerene-C60 Dissolved in Squalane Against the 2,4-Nonadienal-Induced Cell
Injury in Human Skin Keratinocytes HaCaT and Wrinkle Formation in 3D-Human Skin Tissue Model

Shinya Kato, Hisae Aoshima, Yasukazu Saitoh, and Nobuhiko Miwa
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 52-58 (2010)
[Abstract] [Full Text - PDF] [Purchase Article]

High Functional Expression of Osteoblasts on Imogolite, Aluminosilicate Nanotubes
Kosuke Ishikawa, Tsukasa Akasaka, Yasutaka Yawaka, and Fumio Watari
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 59-65 (2010)
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Higher-Order Structures Assembly of Gold Nanorods Caused by Captopril in High Ionic Strength Solutions
Sufen Shen, Huawen Zhao, Chengzhi Huang, and Liping Wu
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 66-72 (2010)
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Feasibility of Using a Two-Wavelength Photometer to Estimate the Concentration of Circulating Near-Infrared
Extinguishing Nanoparticles

Gregory J. Michalak, Heather A. Anderson, and D. Patrick O'Neal
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 73-81 (2010)
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Blood Compatibility of Polyamidoamine Dendrimers and Erythrocyte Protection
Mei-Hua Han, Jing Chen, Jian Wang, Shi-Lin Chen, and Xiang-Tao Wang
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 6, 82-92 (2010)
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