Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Volume 10, Number 1 (January 2014) pp.1-178

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A SPECIAL ISSUE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

A Special Issue on Polymer Conjugate Based Nanotherapeutics
Guest Editors: R. Jayakumar, Jayant Khandare, Marcelo Calderón, and Omathanu Perumal
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 1-3 (2014)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– REVIEWS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Drug Conjugates: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives
Bo Chen, Robert J. Miller, and Pradeep K. Dhal
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 4-16 (2014)
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Hyaluronic Acid-Based Conjugates for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery and Imaging
Gurusamy Saravanakumar, V. G. Deepagan, R. Jayakumar, and Jae Hyung Park
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 17-31 (2014)
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Combining Unique Properties of Dendrimers and Magnetic Nanoparticles Towards
Cancer Theranostics

Sudeshna Chandra, Saumya Nigam, and Dhirendra Bahadur
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 32-49 (2014)
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Interfering Cancer with Polymeric siRNA Nanomedicines
Galia Tiram, Anna Scomparin, Paula Ofek, and Ronit Satchi-Fainaro
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 50-66 (2014)
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Regulation of Endocytosis by Non-Viral Vectors for Efficient Gene Activity
Mohammad Ariful Islam, Jannatul Firdous, Yun-Jaie Choi, Cheol-Heui Yun, and Chong-Su Cho
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 67-80 (2014)
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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ARTICLES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Interaction of N-(2-Hydroxypropyl)Methacrylamide Based Homo, Random and
Block Copolymers with Primary Immune Cells

Martin Weilbächer, Mareli Allmeroth, Mirjam Hemmelmann, Sandra Ritz, Volker Mailänder, Tobias Bopp, Matthias Barz,
Rudolf Zentel, and Christian Becker

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 81-91 (2014)
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Receptor Mediated Cellular Uptake of Low Molecular Weight Dendritic Polyglycerols
Marcelo Calderón, Stephanie Reichert, Pia Welker, Kai Licha, Felix Kratz, and Rainer Haag
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 92-99 (2014)
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The Modulation of the Permeability and the Cellular Uptake of Liposome by Stable Anchoring
of Lipid-Conjugated Pluronic on Liposome

Jong Chul Kim, Yong-Il Chung, Young Ha Kim, and Giyoong Tae
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 100-108 (2014)
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Biocompatible Amphiphilic Pentablock Copolymeric Nanoparticles for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
K. Byagari, A. Shanavas, A. K. Rengan, G. C. Kundu, and R. Srivastava
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 109-119 (2014)
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Polymer Functionalized Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Mediated Drug Delivery of Gliotoxin
in Cancer Cells

Ira Bhatnagar, Jayachandran Venkatesan, and Se-Kwon Kim
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 120-130 (2014)
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Heparin-Anthranoid Conjugates Associated with Nanomagnetite Particles and Their
Cytotoxic Effect on Cancer Cells

Anamaria Durdureanu-Angheluta, Cristina M. Uritu, Adina Coroaba, Bogdan Minea, Florica Doroftei, Manuela Calin,
Stelian Sergiu Maier, Mariana Pinteala, Maya Simionescu, and Bogdan C. Simionescu

J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 131-142 (2014)
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Polyaspartic Acid Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeted Doxorubicin Delivery
Sameera V. Khandekar, M. G. Kulkarni, and Padma V. Devarajan
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 143-153 (2014)
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Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics in Rats and Antitumor Effect in Various Types of
Tumor-Bearing Mice of Novel Self-Assembled Gelatin-Oleic Acid Nanoparticles
Containing Paclitaxel

Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, and Beom-Jin Lee
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 154-165 (2014)
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PTH 1-34 Loaded Thiolated Chitosan Nanoparticles for Osteoporosis: Oral Bioavailability
and Anabolic Effect on Primary Osteoblast Cells

Deepa Narayanan, A. Anitha, R. Jayakumar, and K. P. Chennazhi
J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 10, 166-178 (2014)
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